Monday, April 8, 2013

Delray Beach April 2013

So, I realize it has been forever since I've posted about these sweet has just been so busy! We just returned from our beach trip to Delray Beach and we absolutely LOVED it! As my sweet AC says, "I'm just a beach girl, mom" too AC, me too! Alright, lets start by saying this was our first time flying with both Ava Claire and Max. You know I lack a love of flying, so I was hoping my sweet guys would take after daddy not me. They did. Ava Claire was a little nervous in the beginning...but once we arrived she was thrilled. Her morning started at 5am and those of you who know her, know she doesn't even turn over at 5, that was a wee bit challenging. Needless to say, Max was wide awake (as always). He is still an early riser so we didn't have to worry about him. Alright, so we made it to the on the plane train and AC loved it! She was laughing and just loving it...I knew it was going to be ok. (hoping anyway) Next, we get checked in and let me remind you I got our entire family packed in only one carry on bag and two checked bags! yay me! First time ever packing that light! (so should have taken a picture of that)! We made it to the plane and I have to admit, I definitely underestimated my kids. THEY WERE PERFECT ANGELS on the way there. We couldn't have asked for it to be any better (including Juju and Papaw). I probably did the worst, but I always do. I just really do not have a love for flying...I'll do it, but I don't enjoy it. I do enjoy arrive to West Palm in under two hours though. Max just laughed the whole time during take-off he loved the loud sound. He never acted like his ears hurt or that was wonderful. AC just sat there and ate snacks and made a picture. She loved looking out the window and requested she have the window seat on the way back. Dad held on to the seat kind of tightly (I know who I get it from now)...but he really did good considering his fear of heights and lack of swimming ability. I was very proud! Juju loved it and is already ready to fly again. Ok, so plane ride a success! We make it to West Palm...our luggage makes it...and our driver is there to pick us up! yay! We made it to the Marriott- Delray Beach. Absolutely amazing! We had a suite with another adjoining room for Juju and worked out great! One plus we didn't realize too- we both had ocean-front rooms! The view was breath-taking! I loved getting to watch the sun rise every morning (thanks Max)! We could walk to EVERYTHING from our hotel! I never knew Atlantic Avenue could be so jam-packed with great shopping and tasty restaurants. We just walked everywhere to eat and shop everyday....I am not exaggerating when I tell you as soon as you stepped out of our hotel, the food places began! The walk was easy and enjoyable. We even had a park about three blocks away that we could walk the kids to each day too! This was a huge plus! Honestly, this was the best beach trip of my life...and yall know how much I love to go to the beach! We didn't even need to rent a car...we just walked to the beach, park, and restaurants everyday! If you are considering a beach vacation this year, go to Delray for sure!!! When we got tired of walking, they had these cute little golf carts that would drive you down to the action too! We rode it some as well just because it was fun! Both kiddos absolutely loved the ocean! Ava Claire ran right in the water again just like every year! That girl loves the beach just like her momma! Max was a little unsure at first...he really did not like the sand on his hands. He was sweet though....he would just stand there and wave at the water saying "hi". So sweet! Have I told you how good he was at the beach?? Honestly, he was so sweet and chill...made me really consider moving there. I think he loves the beach too. He eventually started to love the ocean and explore the sand more. Papaw and Juju enjoyed themselves too...that is, when Papaw wasn't getting lost. One day the beach was a little crowded, papaw went for a walk by himself, and he had a little trouble finding us. However, I can totally relate because we did the same thing...when it gets that crowded, it is hard to spot everyone. That was really our only crowded day...other than that, it was pretty relaxing and not crowded. We boarded the Lady Atlantic to view the waterways and beautiful homes. It honestly made me want to move there! I've never abtually thought I would like living at the beach...but oh my, I SO could live in Delray! hint, hint daddy! I could go on and on forever about the trip...but I want to share some pictures (of course). Seriously though, in the words of my sweet Ava Claire "I don't want to go home mommy, lets just move here"...I agree sweet girl, I agree! Everybody enjoyed themselves totally! Hoping to go back for sure! Because you know, "I'm just a beach girl, mommy"! Me too, sweet girl! Me too! Matt did an amazing job planning this trip for us! We are so thankful and glad we have the best daddy in the world! We appreciate it more than ever!!

It's been a lonnnng time!

It has been sooooo long since I've posted...I am going to try and do my best to keep the blog more up-to-date! Many things have happened around here since our last post! Will try and catch up on a few things soon! First post will be about our beach trip we just returned from! We had a blast and didn't want to come home!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

6 months old

Mommy's Sweet Boy

I just love this sweet boy SO much! He is precious in every single way!

Max can Pull- up!

Maxwell can pull up on anything...oh my...he loves to pull up. He just smiles once he is up and holding onto something. He's so proud of himself. He looks so cute standing there!! My sweet baby is growing up!!

Max is crawling!!!

Yes, my sweet boy is already crawling (5 months, 3 weeks) and I mean full blown crawling. He can get wherever he wants to go! It is crazy! He loves it...he just tried to "chase" his sissy...I don't know which one of them likes it more. It is so fun to watch him grow up and AC be a part of it!!

AC is officially a....

BALLERINA and the cutest ballerina I've ever seen! The day has finally come that my sweet girl gets to be a ballerina! She has been wanting to do dance for what seems like forever....classes started this week and needless to say, she LOVES it! She and her sweet friend, Collette< did a wonderful job in class. I just love watching them get so excited! We are making memories...isn't that what life's all about??!