Friday, May 27, 2011

Mommy's Little Helper!

So as many of you know...I've got a job...well, sort of I guess. I'm a Fashion Stylist for Vintage Couture clothes...check out my website and order some clothes for your little one!!
Click "I'm here to shop"!
AC has been helping me sell many clothes by being my little model! She is precious in these clothes...she refers to them as her princess clothes! ha

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Me Wanna Be Big Mommy

So today as we're driving in the car...we passed a few school buses...and to my amazement my sweet little girl looks up at me and says " want to be big be big me ride school bus....right now, me mommy take me to wanna be big!" Made me almost cry thinking about it...she really will be going to "real school" before I know it...they just grow up too fast! Stopping to take time to enjoy every single moment with this sweet girl. She really is a precious, sweet girl! Love her kind heart!

Motorized four-wheeler!!!

oh my! I leave to run errands one Saturday morning....come home to daddy and AC with a motorized four-wheeler! And the crazy part is...she CAN ride it AND steer it! It's totally crazy!!! AC and daddy had been to the neighborhood yard sales...and found a "treasure"!! Too cute! Yet, sad.....she is really turning into a big girl! Time just flies..... trying to treasure every minute!

Car NO top!

Every single time we pass a convertible (aka car no top)....AC will yell "car no top!" and then I say "ohhhh I wonder how that happened" and she replies with "that car drive toooooo fast--- it top fall off!" Car no top!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sweet Girls in their VC!

These are two outfits from the sweet clothes that I'm now selling!!! Check out my website!
You will love it!

Last Day of Gymnastics!


She LOVES Tinkerbell! She wants to watch the movie all of the time...wear her dress everyday....and dance around like a "princess"! She's so cute!

Last Day of School!

hard to believe....but she's growing up! Today was her last day of "school" for her toddler class. It's on to the two's class next year for preschool!!! Crazy how time flies!