Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lunch with daddy

We absolutely love daddy's new job...he can actually meet us for lunch! He can actually come home at normal hours and spend time with us! Thank you daddy for everything!!! We are so thankful for you!

Sweet Little Miracles

We are so lucky to have these two sweet, precious angels. They are absolutely precious!! Ava Claire and Max...please know that we love you guys so much!!!

Tennis Time

We had a much better tennis lesson today. Ava Claire had been asking to play we took her a few weeks ago. She was too shy to get out there and try it. However, this week she went right out there and did a great job. She has been practicing at home and she said "now that I know how to do it...I want to go back". Sweet girl always wants to know how to do something before she tries....sometimes that's a good thing...sometimes it's not....we are working on it!

Teased by Sis!

Sweet Sissy is already teasing little Max...he wanted a bite of that "tookie" so bad! My sweet AC kept saying "Max this tookie is so good...but you can't have any....well, you're not old enough...or I would share....well, maybe mommy would just give you your own tookie"! ha Sweet girl knew she needed to share, but was glad he wasn't old enough to be able to have it! ;)

Sweet Love

Max absolutely LOVES his Ava Claire. He just watches her....he thinks she is the coolest sissy ever! I'm going to post a few pics below and I just want you to look at how he is looking at AC. He absolutely loves her!

1st Time Eating Cereal

Yum!!! Max was SO ready to eat!!! He did not let a drop get out of his mouth. We don't have any messy pictures to post because he honestly ate it all...he acted like he had been eating for years! The food went in and he ate! A tablespoon didn't go too far with this big guy....needless to say, he wanted MORE! He's been eating cereal for about a week now and he loves it...I believe he will love some baby food as soon as he gets to have that! It will be here before we know it!

Friday, June 22, 2012

4 months old!

Time is just going by too fast! I cannot believe Maxwell is already 4 months. He LOVES his big sis....everytime Ava Claire comes into the room...he just smiles! He immediately turns his head toward her and tries to see what she is doing. They are so lucky to have one another!

Soccer Friends

Ava Claire enjoyed playing soccer with her friends this year. We are looking forward to the next season...I think that will be our time!!

Ocean Baby

Ava Claire refers to the beach as "the ocean baby"! She loved it!

First Trip to the Beach

We visited Amelia Island and Max absolutely loved it! He really liked the wind blowing in his face! Ava Claire loved it too...she ran right into the ocean and wouldn't come out. We were worried she would be scared of the ocean this year since she's starting to have some other fears....but she was not! I'm so glad she loves the beach as much as I do! We really enjoyed our time there and wish we could have stayed longer.

Eating Cereal for First Time

Sweet Max ate cereal for the first time last night. He LOVED it! We don't have any messy pictures to share because he ate it all! He acted like he had been doing this for years....I think he was thinking it was finally time we feed him. So, we will do it again tonight and see if the same thing happens!