Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eating birthday cake!

yum! yum!

Ava Claire turns ONE!!

"Daddy's little girl....mommy's whole world" AKA Ava Claire

Our little Ava Claire is no longer a baby....she is ONE today! It seems like just yesterday she was being born! We are so lucky to be her parents and we feel so blessed to have her. She truly has made our lives so much more meaningful and she means the world to us! Despite her quirks....she is perfect to us! It's been a great year and we look forward to many more! Happy Birthday Sweet Ava Claire!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

We hope you have a wonderful birthday!
We love you!
Ava Claire and Mommy

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Feeling Better!

Just wanted to let you guys know that sweet Ava Claire is feeling better! She did not run a temp today and has been playing...still a little whiny, but wayyyyy better than yesterday! You can tell she feels better!

I think in addition to her "infection" she was having some pain from her teeth! She has 2 new ones that are about to pop in any minute.....the skin is broken, but no tooth yet. The two teeth popping thru are her top front ones....she's going to look so much older with teeth! Mommy's sweet baby is getting so big so fast! We are loving every minute of her!

Thanks for your sweet emails checking on really means a lot to us to know that you guys care! We'll see you guys soon!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Are you serious???!

Poor many of you know, Ava Claire is not feeling well. She went to the doctor and she has an "infection" and is on an antibiotic. She has been pitiful...just moping around and looking helpless. She has been sitting on our lap a lot....but just sitting there like she doesn't feel well. Anyway, so it was a rough day today. Daddy kept her the first half of day while I worked, then I kept her the afternoon half. We survived...barely....after many meltdowns. So we finally get her medicated and to sleep around at this point, we are thinking "good! She's down for the night!"
Well, upon my opening her door to sneak some laundry into her chair....I am greeted with a smell that almost made me throw up! I immediately think "there's no way!" I proceed to her bed to "check" for some goodies in her diaper....when o ya.....tons of surprises for mommy! o my...the smell! So now I'm thinking "what do I do??!" I hate admitting that I was even thinking about leaving that on that sweet baby....but o my she was FINALLY asleep. So I decide...we HAVE to get it off...we can't leave it on there alllll night long. So, long story short, we get her out of bed! change her diaper! and she actually barely woke up! She is already back to sleep! (Daddy did a good job picking her up without waking her!) So even when she's sick....she's sweet (most of the time!)
Just keep Ava Claire in your prayers that she will feel better and her "infection" will go away quickly. Poor baby might be sick on her birthday!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bass Pro Shop Fun

Ava Claire had a blast at the Bass Pro Shop! She saw a bear, squirrel, and fish! We just had to share this picture of her and all of her "animals" piled in the shopping cart with her! She was laughing so hard! It was priceless!

She opened a gift early...

we couldn't wait!! We let her open her birthday gift from Mamaw early....we just couldn't wait! She LOVED it---of course! Daddy put it together and sat it down in front of her...she took right off down the hall! She just giggled and pushed her stroller! She played with it for like 30 minutes...which is a long time for her! Then she got tired of Amanda (the baby doll) being in it and she took her out and started rolling over her! Then she would pick the baby doll up and hand it to do something mommy! (The whole time she was rolling over baby Amanda....the baby was crying because she is a talking doll). Here are a few pics!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

SEC Championship Game Day!

Game day sure has changed this year....

but they sure are worth it!!!

She had to get her own bottle out cause mommy was watching the game! ha

Kindermusik Pajama NIght!

Ava Claire had so much fun wearing pajamas to Kindermusik! She really enjoys going to class each week! I really think it is helping her become even more of a genius! We signed her up for next semester too! Yay!

AC and her Kindermusik teacher (Mrs. Becky)

Cute PJ's!

AC and Hayes with egg shakers!

Having a blast!

New things!

Just want to update you a little bit...she will be 1 soooo soon! It does not seem possible. She is just changing every day and such a fun little girl. Yes, she really is starting to look like a little girl...not a baby! It's the craziest thing! She's been sleeping late the last few days so we think she is having a growth spurt! Sweet girl!
Her new favorite things are "little people", her pink scarf from Aunt Sherry, and her "A" pink purse from Aunt Connie. She is so funny. She will pick that purse up and put it in her arm and just keep it there! Today we were at the store and she saw another purse on a rack...she just most politely picked it up and put it on her arm. Watch out daddy....two girls who LOVE Coach purses....that could be bad!
She's jabbering all of the time...if only we knew exactly what she was saying! She has many "words" and is willing to copy us do anything! She's like a little parrot. Hopefully we will teach her good things! Can't wait to see y'all!!!!

Ava Claire's First Time Playing in the Snow

We woke up to a dusting of snow this of course, we bundled up and headed out for the girl to experience what snow felt like! She liked it and just laughed! The amazing part was....she didn't get mad as we dressed her in her hat, scarve, and boots (which she will never leave on!). It was crazy...I think maybe it helped that Matt and I both had on tobagons too....who knows! She cooperated and it was fun! By them time we ate breakfast...the snow was gone! It was fun while it lasted.

Santa Claus Visit

We took Ava Claire to see Santa and I think it's safe to say...she wasn't too impressed with him! She screamed and it was pitiful...I felt awful! She finally calmed down after about 2 minutes. She wore her reindeer hat for a long time afterwards....then she ripped it into pieces in the car. She didn't hold a grudge too long afterwards! She sure did look cute though!

Recent pics

She's Walking!!

I think we can officially call this walking.... what do you think??!!