Monday, June 29, 2009

The things she does.....

Oh my! I don't even know where to start in giving an update. She is doing SO many new things! I guess one of her newest things is....she strolls around in her walker (going forward finally!!) and throws all of her toys off the tray. I load it up with about 10 different things and she goes from one side of the living room to the other tossing them off ---then leaning over the side looking at them. It's cute! The walker has also became her place to "do her business" if you know what I mean....

She is also fake coughing for attention! She is especially doing it around other kiddos right now.....I think she thinks she is talking to them!

She's still making some funny noises! Not many words.....she has still only said "moma" 3 times that have been really clear. It's usually when she's kind of crying....but it's been clear enough that we've decided to count it as her "first real word"!! Daddy and Ma-maw both heard it too....that way I know I'm not hearing things!! hah Now I am working with her on saying dada...we practice each day but nothing yet! She will say it soon!

The last newest thing I've noticed about her this week is HOW MUCH SHE LOOKS LIKE HER DADDY! Oh my---- how I can totally see him in her now! Especially in her eyes---she totally reminds me of Matt now. Lucky for her--her daddy is handsome!! I just hope she ends up with his hair....we shall see!

Pool time pic with Hayes

She and Hayes have been hanging at the pool some here lately and they love it! AC is so funny when she gets in....she immediately starts splashing. She is starting to be able to recognize that we are going to go to the pool ---I can get her bathing suit and say "do you want to go swimming?? Let's go splash splash" and she just starts kicking her feet and moving her hands....too funny! She really does enjoy the water....we are trying to take her every evening! Check out her "pose" she did all on her own! She really is starting to develop some personality!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Matt's 1st Father's Day

Father's Day was fun! We headed to the hotel for breakfast (which was great!) and gave daddy his card Ava signed and photo frame she made. We think he loved it. The sweetest part of the day was when we came back....Miss AC fell asleep on daddy's shoulder. We didn't even get her completely undressed before she was a goner!! (She rarely falls asleep like that! so it made it extra special to him).

Ma-maw's Summer Visit to B'ham

Ma-maw left today and we are soooo sad! We got a lot done while mom was here.....Ava Claire LOVED tub time with Ma-maw the most!! All mom had to do was turn on the water and AC would start giggling and kicking her hands and feet. It was so cute! That being said, AC also loved, loved, loved going to the pool of the evenings.

Ava's 1st Summer visit to TN

I don't even know where to start with updating the blog. We are having so much fun this summer! Ava Claire is soooooo much fun right now. One of the sweetest things I have ever experienced is when she raises those little arms and reaches for me. It absolutely melts my heart!!! There's no way I can walk past her with those little arms up!
She LOVES her walker and is going all over the place in it. She gets frustrated when she gets 'stuck' so I've been trying to widen her a path today.
She's finally napping right now and I am hoping to get a lot of her pics from TN uploaded. Ma-maw just left this morning and Ava Claire has been hopefully she will sleep for a good nap!
She's been eating baby food and is loving it! Although she is not a fan of applesauce...she wouldn't even eat it. (And chunky girls don't usually turn down food! ha) She went to the doctor last week for her 6 month check-up and she weighed in at 20 pounds and 28 inches long. She's growing everyday and is starting to look like a little girl. Her personality is tooooo funny and she's very fisty! I never thought Matt and I would have such a spunky girl! I thought she'd be quiet and sweet! haahha I could go on and on but I need to stop talking and give ya'll some much needed pictures. Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


WOW! I don't even know where to start......we have had SO much happen since school has been out! We were in TN for two weeks and Ava Claire has changed so much in that time. She is now eating baby food!!!!! (it is so hard to believe that she's already 6 months old!) I have soooo many pics of her TN friends and things she did while she was there. I'll start uploading them tonight once she goes to sleep. One HUGE thing that is about to happen any day is we think she is about to crawl! She can "scoot" backwards and is now getting up on her knees. She can move one leg but then falls down. She can make it all of the way across the room "sliding" but is not crawling. It's looking like it should be soon. So that's the biggest news we have so far!!! Pics coming soon!