Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fun with Daddy

AC got to have some daddy time while mommy was sick these last few days. She had a blast with her always!!

Book Buying Fun!

This kiddo LOVES books! It makes me soooo happy to see her sooo happy to get new books! :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tangelwood Farms Fun!

We took AC to Tangelwood Farms and had a blast! They have tons of "miniature" animals....AC loved it! Her favorite animal was the goat! haha Here are a few funny pics...

Friday, September 17, 2010

21 months old!!

She is growing up too fast! She is the best little girl in the world! I am a lucky moma!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ladybug boots!

My little Ladybug is loving her boots these days! I have to hide them so she won't wear them to school and ppl think I'm crazy....what is it with kiddos and rainboots??? They just LOVE them!!!

Silly bands

Girl lovvvvvves her silly bands!

She is loving "school"!

My big girl walked right in (carrying her backpack and lunchbox) to her class and didn't cry at all!!! yay AC! One funny thing she is doing right now....she is calling herself "AC" alllll of the time. If I say "you're moma's baby...she says "no, AC"....if I say "look at my big girl!"...she says "no AC". It's really funny. She's such a mess!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What is she doing these days??

Just wanted to do a brief update on some things about AC....she is soooo much fun right now! She is at the perfect age! She is sweet and can actually communicate really well with us. She is very strong willed and knows what she wants!! She's funny.... she gives the BEST hugs...she will just run and hug and kiss you. She especially does this to daddy when he comes home from work...she hears the basement door open and she takes off "daaaaaadddddy!!!" fast as she can! It is precious!

She loves to dance! She has no rhythm- like her moma- but she loves to try! She loves it when we dance around the house! This is a sight!

She loves Daisy and Minnie Mouse right now (aka Day-see and Mimmy)....oh my goodness! She is precious when she sees them. She is a huge fan of Mickey Mouse clubhouse! She also loves Dora (Dor Dor)...she really likes Dora's backpack...if I am sitting in the floor, she will climb on my back, put her arms around my neck, and say "backpack!!!" like she's my backpack or something! She's too much!

She LOVES TO BE OUTSIDE! I don't know what we are going to do when it gets cold here...I guess we will bundle up and go on out. She wants to go out every morning after breakfast! She just loves being out there! She's a big fan of our garage too.... she loves to mess down there...I think bc it is aa HUGE mess! And she loves to just see what she can find!

She is doing great at school....she loves the playground there and always has plenty to tell me about her day. It's quiet funny listening to her try and give her recap of the day...I always ask open-ended questions now to try and see how she responds. She really tries to tell me about it! I love it! School has been good for her and me...

I could go on and on bc you know we think everything she does is precious...but I'm tired and still have laundry to finish.... I'll leave you with this pic of her....this shows how silly she is most of the time!!


She FINALLY enjoys swinging....NEVER has she really liked to swing. Put her in a swing when she was an infant- cried immediately....put her in a swing as a baby- cried!....but her in a swing as a toddler (almost 2!!)- sits back and relaxes!! Finally.... going to the park is a little more fun now! She can "chill out" some!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

UT football girl

She looks good in orange!!!

Ac and uncle terry dancing!!

Ac had so much fun the last time we were in tn.....she had her uncle Terry (aka Uh Ter-we) playing "monkey see monkey do" and dancing....she loved it!!!

She has fun with her Aunt Sherry (aka Sher Sher) too...she buys the BEST gifts! AC always loves everything Aunt Sher Sher gets her! It's crazy!

Tire swing update

Well, the tire swing dilemma is is no longer a "tire"......just a wooden swing. The hoa seems to be more pleased, so hopefully we will stop being harassed by them!!!!! Ac loves this one just as we are happy!!! Here are a few pics....

Daddy working hard to fix the swing!! yay daddy! Thanks!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

1st full day yay!!!!!!

I am sooooooo proud of little miss Ava claire!!! Today was her first full day of school and she was soooo happy when I came to get her. Not happy that I was there, just happy!!!! She really seemed to enjoy it and had plenty of things to tell me. After we left school we went to our neighborhood playdate with our friends and she played good there too. I think this school thing is helping her and me already!!!! Yet another great day with sweet ac! I am lucky to have her and I thank God many times a day for giving me such a precious girl!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Do they fit???

Carsyn's Birthday Party

Carsyn- the Birthday boy! Happy 1st bday!!
We went back to Birmingham to visit friends and attend Carsyn's first birthday party! AC went to the babysitter with Carsyn last year. She really enjoyed seeing her "little friends". They were precious and I really think they recognized one another. Mrs. Lynn kept a total of four babies (including AC) and all of those babies are with her again this AC had fun getting to see them again. She misses being there!
We spent the night with Whitney and Hayes and the kiddos played all evening. Hayes is the only baby that AC will really share with....I guess that's because they were together from the beginning. We sure do miss Hayes!!!! I wish y'all could move to Birmingham!! There's a house close to us for sale!! ha
Anyway, the visit was great. We got to see Aunt Linda and eat lunch at Zoe's and go shopping with her!! It was sooooooo good to see her! She got to witness "back or buy"....alright, I'm going to tell the fast version of this story because it's time for AC's bath (and Matt is terrified of doing it by himself---go figure!) Soooo, as many of you know, I like to shop. Well since I like to shop, AC goes with me. So she has learned from a young age how to do it right! Well, now that she's talking so much....she can repeat things I say. I used to always jokingly say to her when I would hold something up "AC do you like this?" and she would usually say
"ya-es"...more yes' than no's (unfortunately). Well now, since she says yes to everything....I have to make her choose (cause we can't get everything we want!!) So now I say "hmmmm should we put this back or buy it?" and she usually responds "buy it".....well, Aunt Linda got to witness her wanting to "buy" some pants. She was concentrating so hard while she was looking at the items....So we had a good laugh.....then like 5-10 minutes later we were going to the register to check out and AC looked right at the lady working the register and said "BUY" at the top of her lungs!! We laughed and laughed....she is a natural born shopper! She is a mess!

Here are some pics from Carsyn's party!

Connor, Hayes, and AC

AC and Mrs. Lynn

Hayes and AC

AC's first day of "school"

Soooo tomorrow is her first "full day" of far, so good. She cries when I hand her off, but then she is fine within 5-10 that's good! However, the other day she only had to be there for an I decided to just sit in the car and read my book since it was a beautiful fall-feeling morning.....well, her class went outside to the playground and I got to see her fly out the door sooooo excited to play. I was feeling good that she was having fun....She played ok--- didn't really interact with the other kiddos that much, but played on her own fairly well. Well, when it was time to "line up" she wouldn't get in line. I heard her teacher have to say her name like 4 times (I'm feeling sooo embarrassed at this point)....and then she finally came to line up.....I was feeling so proud at this moment that she FINALLY came. Well, all of a sudden she just took off running back to the playground and her teacher had to go get her. I was mortified! My sweet girl would never do something like that........but then she DID! SOOOOO I'm hoping my sweet girl listens a little better tomorrow... we shall see!

Hugging her teacher, Mrs. Kathy