Friday, May 29, 2009

First time in the swimming pool

Ava Claire showed off her bathing suit figure last night! We went down to the pool and let her stick her feet in it. She seemed to enjoy it. She couldn't really decide if she liked it or not. She only got in the baby pool because it was wayyyyyy warmer than the big pool and we didn't want her to be too cold. We are hoping she will want to go back more once the water warms up!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ava Claire helped mommy cook dinner!

I actually cooked dinner today!!! I know, I know- it's very rare, but I did it! I had a special little helper too. She sat on the island in her bumbo seat and "helped" me. She played with the recipe book while I was cooking. All of my recipes ended up in the floor and one in her mouth! I was so worried because I saw a small piece of the recipe "missing" and I had a feeling it was in her tummy. Well, long story short- it was in her mouth!! I looked back at her and she looked like she was chewing gum!!! I luckily stuck my finger in that little mouth and "got" it out! She just smiled and laughed like she knew what she was doing! Sometimes I really think she does.....she's a silly goose!

Ever "put your foot in your mouth??!"

You know the old saying.... "you put your foot in your mouth?!!", well Ava Claire did JUST that a few days ago. She learned this trick a few days ago but I have not been able to get a good picture of it. I finally got one today. Check out ole girl in action.... this is too cute! Just when I think she can't get any cuter, she learns something else that's precious. Have I said lately how LUCKY WE ARE TO HAVE THIS SWEET BABY! She makes life way better than I ever thought possible!

AvaClaire in her "big girl" pajamas

Yesterday was my first day off for summer vacation and it was wonderful!! We went on a walk and had lunch with daddy. Ava Claire is a wild woman now when we go out to eat. Her little hands move non-stop and she tries to "get" anything and everything she can!! It's very funny.....but kind of hard to eat with her acting like that! haha Then we had some errands we had to run....she got her back pack and some much needed big girl diapers. Anyway...that being said, her first day off with mommy exhausted her.....she ended the day in her new "big girl" pajamas that Ma-Maw got her. I think she looks absolutely adorable in them! I can't believe how old she looks!!! She's growing up wayyyyyy too fast!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hayes came over to play!!

Whitney brought Hayes over to play with Ava Claire today. They had SO much fun. They sat on the porch together and "talked" to each other. Ava tried to "get" Hayes and laughed at him.
We are going to try and record her the next time they are together because she just laughs when she reaches out and touches is too funny!
We were able to capture some very cute pics of them playing in Ava's crib and holding hands....maybe this will be a photo at their rehearsal dinner one day!!! ha

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Fun!

This has been a wonderful weekend so far!! Eventhough little missy has decided not to nap on the is good! She usually takes about a 3 hour nap in the day (10-1) but for some reason on the weekends she thinks she doesn't have to do that!! haha She went shopping with mommy and daddy and was as good as gold! She had a dinner date with Hayes on Friday night and Harper on Saturday night---both nights she used good manners! She got her cousin Blake an outfit so they would match when they have their pictures made together. They are going to look too precious! I think we're going to try the pool tomorrow and see if it's warm enough for ole girl! We'll let ya know how it goes....hopefully she will like it! Here are a few precious pics.....enjoy!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

What goes around.....comes around!!

Well, speaking of daddy's dirty diaper day.....mommy finished off the other half of that box of wipes. Ava Claire was dressed and ready for her last day of school....when she "tooted". She was in her bumbo chair (which is almost too little) and she filled it up. There was so much overflow that the first thing I did was look for her diaper!!! I thought I had forgotten it.....AGAIN! (That's a whole other story itself!!) Her precious "last day" outfit had to be changed and she basically had a bath with wet wipes. We finally got to leave 20 MINUTES LATER! and were almost late for school! Soooooo I learned a lesson: Don't make too much fun of daddy!!!

I am now outta school for the summer (yeah!!!), so you will be hearing all about our daily adventures!! I know you can't wait!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tarzan Baby!

Well.....this morning started off by Ava Claire waking up looking like Tarzan! She slept in one of her 18 months sleepers (because of the length!) and I kind of thought the neck was a little big, but thought it would be fine for sleeping. WELL, evidently I was wrong! She wiggled one arm completely outta the sleeper and had it "free" this morning. It was too funny!
After that, daddy came to "watch" her today because the kiddos got outta school at 1 but I had to stay until 3. So daddy brought her home!! Well, when I got home...she had given daddy a SURPRISE and oh my! I found a pile of clothes in her room (his clothes and hers) and half of her container of wipes was used up. It was daddy's FIRST "dirty" diaper to change!!! He did survive!!
She had a very eventful day.....tomorrow will be better!! Daddy is watching her again tomorrow afternoon, so I'll let ya know how that goes.....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wet, Wild Weekend!

Well, we had a yucky, wet weekend! We tried to go to the Region's Classic.....but the weather just wouldn't cooperate. It rained all day Sunday and we were never able to walk down there. However, we did get to go Saturday for a good while. Ava Claire was wonderful and loved watching golf. Her favorite time of the day was when she met Hayes for a lunch date at the Welcome Center. She and Hayes played in the floor while we ate lunch. It was too cute---she was grabbing his head and poking his eyes. We had to fuss at her a few times and tell her to play nice. We are hoping this isn't a sign that she will be a "mean girl"!!

Nothing else too exciting are a few cute pics we took this weekend.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Cutest outfit yet!

Check out Ava Claire's cutest outfit so far!! I love this one!

Mrs. Lori

Ava Claire has so much fun with her Mrs. Lori and her daughter, Ava. We are so lucky to have such an AMAZING babysitter for Ava Claire. She enjoys every moment with her Mrs. Lori and hopes to have many more (hint, hint). No seriously, I just want all of you guys to know how lucky we TRULY are to have Mrs. Lori. Going back to work has been so easy for me and it's all because I don't worry about her. I know she's in good hands when I'm working. If you could only see Ava Claire's face in the morning when she sees's priceless! What a blessing!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Uncle Michael came to visit me!!

Uncle Michael came to visit and we are having so much fun! Michael came down to go to the golf tournament with us and Ava is loving it. He has been holding her and spoiling her rotten! He even brought her some orange pacys with T's on them....he's trying to train her early! She does look good in orange...........

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Park Playtime

Ava Claire had a fun time at the park tonight.....she played on her swing and then she went down the slide! She went with mommy on the baby slide and daddy on the big girl slide! Nothing else too exciting has happened this week. She is trying her best to wave. When someone says bye-bye to her a million times in a really babyish voice she will move her hand like she's trying to wave. She does it best with Aunt Vickie (a girl I teach with). I'm going to let Aunt Vickie tutor her on it after school tomorrow!! I'll let ya know how it goes.....we're also going to try some rice cereal tomorrow---I have a feeling that will be rather funny. We'll be sure and capture some of that on video to share! Hope all is well with you guys! We'll see ya soon!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The BEST day ever!

Today was one of the best days ever! It started off with mommy waking up to some BEAUTIFUL artwork that Ava Claire and daddy had made me. They had made me these precious little flowers with Ava's pictures on them.
Then we went to the hotel for the breakfast bar-- which is my favorite thing! Ava was soooo good during breakfast and hung out in her stroller most of the time. We actually got to eat in peace....which was nice!
When she got tired of her stroller, we put her on the table in her bumbo seat and she did great! She was playing with my napkin and kept trying to drop it in our food! We think her strategy was to drop it in food and then get it back and lick it!!

After breakfast we came home and Ava's next present to me was a 3 hour nap!!! She and I were on the bed together and napped for 3 whole hours! It was much needed and wonderful. This week she has started to only have one long nap each day instead of 2-3 short naps. I'm thinking this will be a great thing for summertime!

We then went to Firebirds for dinner (my favorite place for dinner!) but this time she acted kind of wild! She was trying to roll out of her carseat, then her bumbo, and then my lap! She was being so wild and ended up with her burp cloth on her head!!!
Just when we thought it couldn't get any wilder......she had a BLOW OUT! I'm talking huge!!! I smelled something and so I got her out to check. I told daddy I thought I needed to change her and decided to just do it in the booth rather than going to the bathroom. Well, its a good thing I did because I had it ALL OVER ME! Matt looked in her bumbo seat and it was everywhere! The whole back of her dress was covered and the whole front of me was covered! Needless to say, she has DEFINITELY moved to the next size of diapers....I had used the smaller ones because that is what was in my diaper bag. Now I know she definitely needs size 3!!!!! So we finally got cleaned up and headed home......WITHOUT HER PRECIOUS DRESS!

It was a wonderful day and she ended with this sign... "I LOVE YOU!"

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ava Claire in her "big girl"stroller!

Ava Claire is getting so big!!! She took a walk this morning in her "big girl" stroller and loved it!! She was kicking her feet and just "talking". She has a new favorite toy-----THE WIND! Yes, I said the wind. There is a place in our neighborhood where the shops are close together and the wind tunnels through pretty heavily. She would laugh so loud everytime a gust came----it was too cute!

Things that seem so little to us......are so big to her! That's what makes it so cool! Everyday she just amazes me more and more!! How can I not want a house full just like her??!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ava has a new friend!

Our neighbor Dana had her baby yesterday! Baby Kayla is beautiful and Ava Claire is so glad she's here! We went to visit them last night and Ava loved it. She laughed and laughed at Baby Hayes. We wish we had the video camera with us because she just kept on and on!! It was too funny. We got a pic of the proud daddies with their babies--- priceless!

More news: Ava Claire moved diaper sizes again!! She's now in the cruisers---size 3 and it's so hard to believe! She's in the "big girl" diapers now and she will soon be cruising right along.

Bun-bun almost got ran over! We ran some errands on Monday and when I was putting her in the car I realized Bun-bun was GONE!!!! Starting to panic, I headed back toward the store.....when what to my wondering eyes did I see??! But little Bun-bun lonely as can be----in the road! And a CAR WAS COMING!!!! Luckily I got it to stop and Bun-bun was saved!!! With Ava laughing we headed back to the car--- it was like she "knew" what she had done. But we all know sweet Ava wouldn't do that----so it was just a coincidence!!! haha

That's about all that's happening with us right now.....

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ava's eventful weekend

What an eventful weekend for the Anderson family!!! wow! Some of this may sound unreal, but we can assure you- it's real!! We were out shopping this morning and having lunch when Matt talked to one of our neighbors and he told us we were under a tornado warning...we didn't really think twice at first because the tornado sirens have been a common sound around here lately. But we headed home anyway just to be safe. We got home and at this point the "tornado" was about 10 minutes away. So I quickly carried the cold groceries in and Matt brought Ava in and started cleaning out our "safe room" aka the hall closet. (we can't go into the basement because we don't have one!!) At this point, I'm thinking I should have made us get a house with a basement...that was originally my first request when Matt said we were moving to AL. Anyway, so we get our "safe room" clean and in Ava and me go. I had Ava in her carseat, pillows all around us, and her crib mattress (yes, I said crib mattress) on top of us! It was quiet a sight! I was trying to do so many things quickly that I didn't realize I had given Ava a bottle and was forgetting to hold it.....well, she took care of that problem- I looked up and she was holding her own bottle!!! She's such a great helper already! Luckily, the tornado ended up passing over us but did not touch down. Matt, the not afraid of storms man, says it was no big deal.....but even the weatherman said it was! So we are very lucky and glad it was a good outcome! Another good thing from all this is we now have a clean closet and it is definitely ready now! That was definitely the most eventful part of the weekend....the rest of the weekend was not as exciting. We went to the "Party in the Park" on Saturday and had a great time. Ava got to see some of her new friends that are younger than her. She was looking good! She started getting bored toward the end and rolled over in her carseat, that's how we knew it was time to go! Hope you enjoy the pics.

Ava and daddy sleeping the exact same way!!! This was too funny! They were both like that....then when I went back in they both had rolled over the other way! I wish I would have taken a picture of that....

Friday, May 1, 2009

Perfect Baby Ava

Yet once again Ava has proven what a wonderful baby she is!! Tonight was talent show night at Deer Valley and we had many talented friends we wanted to go cheer we thought we would give it a try and see how long she could make it. We got there about 5:30 and left about 7:30 and she didn't make a peep!! She had a lot of fun watching her friends, especially Emily Jane (Ms. Lori's sweet girl) perform. Emily Jane sang "The Climb" and she did an amazing job! It was a great night....I think daddy even had fun!