Wednesday, August 15, 2012

6 months old

Mommy's Sweet Boy

I just love this sweet boy SO much! He is precious in every single way!

Max can Pull- up!

Maxwell can pull up on anything...oh my...he loves to pull up. He just smiles once he is up and holding onto something. He's so proud of himself. He looks so cute standing there!! My sweet baby is growing up!!

Max is crawling!!!

Yes, my sweet boy is already crawling (5 months, 3 weeks) and I mean full blown crawling. He can get wherever he wants to go! It is crazy! He loves it...he just tried to "chase" his sissy...I don't know which one of them likes it more. It is so fun to watch him grow up and AC be a part of it!!

AC is officially a....

BALLERINA and the cutest ballerina I've ever seen! The day has finally come that my sweet girl gets to be a ballerina! She has been wanting to do dance for what seems like forever....classes started this week and needless to say, she LOVES it! She and her sweet friend, Collette< did a wonderful job in class. I just love watching them get so excited! We are making memories...isn't that what life's all about??!

Max's Half Birthday

Happy 6 months birthday to my sweet Maxwell!! Really?? How can this sweet, sweet boy be 6 months does not seem possible. People always say "they grow up too fast"....sometimes I get tired of hearing that...but it is SO true! It honestly seems like yesterday that we were riding home in the car with this sweet boy for the first time. When I found out I was having a boy...I didn't know what to do. I had always pictured myself with girls....but oh my goodness this sweet boy has his mommy's heart. He is the sweetest little thing...I love having him so much. I absolutely LOVE seeing his sweet sissy with him too. She is so sweet with him and he just beams when she comes in the room....there is nothing like it! Just to see them together makes me so happy...I'm feeling very thankful at this moment for these two precious babies...I am so lucky to be their mommy! I thank God all of the time for choosing me to be their mommy! So today we celebrated with half of a birthday cake since it was his half birthday....but honestly I celebrate everyday just being able to be mommy to these two babies! As everyone says "enjoy every minute...they grow up too fast"....I am doing just that...enjoying every single minute...even the bad ones....because I consider myself beyond lucky!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lunch with daddy

We absolutely love daddy's new job...he can actually meet us for lunch! He can actually come home at normal hours and spend time with us! Thank you daddy for everything!!! We are so thankful for you!

Sweet Little Miracles

We are so lucky to have these two sweet, precious angels. They are absolutely precious!! Ava Claire and Max...please know that we love you guys so much!!!

Tennis Time

We had a much better tennis lesson today. Ava Claire had been asking to play we took her a few weeks ago. She was too shy to get out there and try it. However, this week she went right out there and did a great job. She has been practicing at home and she said "now that I know how to do it...I want to go back". Sweet girl always wants to know how to do something before she tries....sometimes that's a good thing...sometimes it's not....we are working on it!

Teased by Sis!

Sweet Sissy is already teasing little Max...he wanted a bite of that "tookie" so bad! My sweet AC kept saying "Max this tookie is so good...but you can't have any....well, you're not old enough...or I would share....well, maybe mommy would just give you your own tookie"! ha Sweet girl knew she needed to share, but was glad he wasn't old enough to be able to have it! ;)

Sweet Love

Max absolutely LOVES his Ava Claire. He just watches her....he thinks she is the coolest sissy ever! I'm going to post a few pics below and I just want you to look at how he is looking at AC. He absolutely loves her!

1st Time Eating Cereal

Yum!!! Max was SO ready to eat!!! He did not let a drop get out of his mouth. We don't have any messy pictures to post because he honestly ate it all...he acted like he had been eating for years! The food went in and he ate! A tablespoon didn't go too far with this big guy....needless to say, he wanted MORE! He's been eating cereal for about a week now and he loves it...I believe he will love some baby food as soon as he gets to have that! It will be here before we know it!

Friday, June 22, 2012

4 months old!

Time is just going by too fast! I cannot believe Maxwell is already 4 months. He LOVES his big sis....everytime Ava Claire comes into the room...he just smiles! He immediately turns his head toward her and tries to see what she is doing. They are so lucky to have one another!

Soccer Friends

Ava Claire enjoyed playing soccer with her friends this year. We are looking forward to the next season...I think that will be our time!!

Ocean Baby

Ava Claire refers to the beach as "the ocean baby"! She loved it!

First Trip to the Beach

We visited Amelia Island and Max absolutely loved it! He really liked the wind blowing in his face! Ava Claire loved it too...she ran right into the ocean and wouldn't come out. We were worried she would be scared of the ocean this year since she's starting to have some other fears....but she was not! I'm so glad she loves the beach as much as I do! We really enjoyed our time there and wish we could have stayed longer.

Eating Cereal for First Time

Sweet Max ate cereal for the first time last night. He LOVED it! We don't have any messy pictures to share because he ate it all! He acted like he had been doing this for years....I think he was thinking it was finally time we feed him. So, we will do it again tonight and see if the same thing happens!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Prayers to the Easter bunny

Alright my sweet sweet ac has the Easter bunny's powers a little bit confused. This was her prayer at dinner "God is great God is good let us thank him for our food. Especially chocolate cause it's my favorite. Can you please put extra in my easter basket. Amen".


I think she might be a little confused!!:)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Max turns 6 weeks old!

Busting at the seems! Maxwell is growing so fast...he's already in 3-6 months clothes!

Mom of Two

So many of you keep asking me how it feels to have two kiddos.....IT FEELS GREAT!! I am loving every minute with sweet Baby Max. I love watching Ava Claire interact with him and try to "teach" him things...I really love it when she tells him "when you get big like me you can do this Max"...she thinks she is so "big" now!

She has settled in smoothly...she loves him so much and loves to help with him. He also loves watching her...he is amazed by all of the things she can do. She helps me keep him entertained. She loves dancing and singing for him...he will just sit and watch her! Very helpful to me too....especially when I try and cook. She gets to be on baby duty...and she LOVES being in charge!

Max is a sweet baby...he sleeps well at night and is pretty mild mannered. his biggest flaw is wanting to eat AS SOON as he wakes up...makes it kind of hard to go to dinner...because when he wakes up he wants to eat that minute! So we're still working on trying to learn to wake up happy...but who am I kidding?? I rarely wake up happy and ready to go. It takes me time I'm trying to be understanding.

There are moments when I have to stop and remind myself that he's only 6 weeks old..he's just been out-and-about so much earlier than AC was...that I keep forgetting he's still just a little guy.

So, to answer your question, "how do you like having two?"....I LOVE it! I am trying to enjoy every single minute with this sweet baby...because this might just be my last baby :( We haven't totally ruled out a third....but it kind of seems like we will be content with these two precious angels and not be greedy for another. But we shall see..... :)

Big Sis

Big Sis is soooooo proud of her little brother...she absolutely loves getting to hold him...especially when it is all by herself! She just laughs the entire time...and big ole Max looks HUGE on her! These two kiddos are so precious! Max just watches her...he thinks she is so cool too!

My Little Bunny

My sweet little Max dressed up like a bunny. His big sister said "he is the cutest bunny ever"...and I have to agree with her!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Max lovvves to stretch out on his changing table...he just stretches everytime you put him down. Hoping he stretches enough to make those legs longer...right now, he is long in the torso and not so much on the legs!

Soccer Mates

Ac and her little soccer mates at practice. She is having a blast playing soccer this season. Matt is coaching and he is loving it too. It is so fun to watch them on the field trying to score goals! Too cute!

Soccer Princess

My sweet little girly-girl is playing soccer this season. Don't worry....she's not losing her girly-girlness either....she periodically stops for photos (and poses on her own) while playing. She is a hoot!


SO thankful for these sweet kiddos!

Park Fun!!

We love the park!!! AC was playing soccer with daddy and Max was snoozin while I strolled him!! It was a fun family told us we should have brought food for a picnic....funny girl!

1 month old!!

Baby Max is 1 month old today....hard to believe he is already a month old! Time is quickly passing....

Can we keep him forever?

My sweet Ava Claire never ceases to amaze me! She is the sweetest kiddo ever! She woke up this morning and came into my room. Baby Max and I were laying on the bed watching the news. She immediately gave him a kiss and said good morning to him...then she looked at me with those sweet eyes and said "mommy...I really like Baby Max...can we keep him forever?" Absolutely melted my heart! Of course I replied with "yes, of course" and she smiled realllllly big, kissed him again, and said "Baby will always be in our family. We are so lucky".

So, people keep asking me "How's AC doing as a big sister?"...I think she's doing just fine!!! :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Welcome to the World baby Max

We are so thankful and happy to say,
Baby Max has made his arrival today!

Taking our time and enjoying this sweet boy
and thanking god for making it possible to have this much joy!

Looking forward to Ava Claire meeting Baby Max
holding him, hugging him, and then time to relaz.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers too,
We're so happy to share him with you!

First Bath

Poor little Baby Max is not a fan of bathtime...I'm hoping this improves over time! :)

Ava Claire would like to introduce Baby Max

Maxwell Brady was born on February 14 (yes, he is a Valentine's Baby after all) at 2:27 pm. He weighed 8.1 pds and was 22 inches long. He is a sweet, sweet baby and we are doing good so far! Juju just left it was our first day with both AC and Max by far, so good. Max is currently sleeping and AC is watching a we are doing good so far. Just waiting on daddy to get home from golfing...

Max is sleeping well so far...we are doing 3-4 hour sleep not too bad. It could be worse...we are blessed to have another precious kiddo in our family. Thanks be to God!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

come on Max

It's getting closer and closer to time to meet Max. Ava claire is soooo super excited. She "talks" to my tummy many times thru the day and wants him to be here. I am starting to feel anxious and excited about his arrival as well. It's such an exciting time....yet scary in the same sense. Please pray for the safe delivery of our sweet baby boy. Also, please pray that Ava claire continues to be helpful and sweet to her new addition! We're only a few weeks away from the big day!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Sweet little girl showing some att-i-tude!
Love this little girl SO much!

We have Spring Fever!!

My oh my!! We have Spring Fever SOOOO bad! Both AC and I are soooooo ready to visit the beach! She mentions it at least once a do I! I have a feeling baby Max will be making his beach debut way earlier than planned! We're gonna have to head to the water soon!!! I can't wait much longer!!!

In honor of Spring fever, I posted a pic of AC from the beach last year. She was at the perfect age and loved every minute! Can't wait to take her back this year!

Big Sister is READY!!

She went with us on our tour of the hospital to see where Baby Max will be born...she is so ready! As are we! Getting excited, nervous, and anxious!! Ready for him to be here safely and healthy!! We appreciate your thoughts and prayers for a safe delivery!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

I couldn't say it better....

So AC woke up this morning and she said "moma I've been waiting on Max so long.....I need him to come out and play"......hmmmm just what I was thinking!!!! We are getting very excited!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Sweet Girl

She dresses like a princess and still loves the mud! I love how this little girl loves everything...she is as girly as it gets...yet can still hang with nature and dirt!!!

Funny quote from my sweet girl this morning as I tried to wake her up for school...she was so hard to get up...took like 10 minutes....when she finally gave up and got up...she said "you have to start putting me to bed sooner cause I'm too tired". Precious kiddo! Love her!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Building a Barrier

So...she was trying to play dollhouse...and she had her train turned on...and it goes around the room automatically...well, the train kept bumping into her and her she decided to "fix the problem" as she said. So, she took all of her friends, lined them up, and had a barrier from the train! Too cute!

Date with Daddy

She LOVES her daddy!

Mommy's Sweet Girl

She still gives me hugs occastionally! :) Yes, I look huge...I'm only 5 weeks away from Max's arrival!!

She LOVES to dance!

She still loves to dance....and make up songs! I have to start doing a better job recording her! She makes up the funniest songs! Love this kiddo so much!

All About Daddy!

My little Mommy's Girl...has officially turned into a Daddy's girl!!! I knew it was ineveitable...but it's still hard sometimes! She is 100 percent all about her daddy these days! It is really sweet though! And it's really good timing for Baby Max to come I guess I'll just have to try and stop being jealous! ;)

Sleeping Bag Time

When I was little...I LOVED sleeping bags! My granny would get me one each Christmas it seemed like....I remember Care Bears, My Little Pony, NKOTB, and Strawberry Shortcake (to name a few) I figured why not get AC started on loving them too??? She got her first one this Christmas...and LOVEs it!

She loves her robe!

The cutest little thing ever....wearing her robe. She looks so little and so sweet in her robe. She loves it! It's a struggle to get her to take it off at night! ha

Helping Daddy on Christmas Eve

Ava Claire was helping daddy put out the paper bag lanterns to help guide Santa's sleigh to our neighborhood. It is a tradition in our neighborhood to put them out on Christmas was a beautiful sight! I highly recommend starting this tradition in your neighborhood. AC thought it was SO cool! And it looked beautiful too!

Christmas with Colton!

Ac had a blast celebrating an early Christmas with Colton. She LOVES to hold him! It is so sweet. We're so glad they've moved back to atl and we get to see them frequently!!

Big Girl Bed

She's still loving it....been in it since summer....doing great! Very easy transition...we were lucky (again)!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Owls are Nocturnal

Sooooo my sweet sweet girl loves school and learning. It amazes me at how much she remembers..her long term memory is definitely expanding. So much fun to watch. So her new thing is nocturnal animals. She can pretty much tell you all of them. She especially likes talking about owls and bats. Matt had to work late one night and she said "call daddy and tell him to be careful bc of the bats and owls....they are nocturnal". So here lately there is an owl that lives in our woods....everytime I hear it hoot I think of ac.....she loves to hear it too. So tonight I heard the owl and so I told ac that her owl lives in the trees by the golfcourse. That he must be a golfin which she replies "oh mommy owls don't golf.....they just talk with their friends and hoot". Love this sweet girl and her little mind!!!

My Hero :)

It is the sweetest thing ever!! Ac has become such a daddy's girl here lately. She calls him her "hero"!!! It is the sweetest thing ever....tonight she said "I love my daddy too much". She is the sweetest little girl much love for this precious girl!!!