Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Favorite Things from Christmas...

AC loves her Barbie car....

her Mrs. Potato Head....

and ring toss with daddy!

People who LOVE me!

Snow Christmas 2010

She loved playing in the snow....she made a snowman and snow angels! What a fun day! SOOOOOO happy it snowed on Christmas! This was so exciting and made the day even more special!

Reading with Papaw

She LOVES books...but she LOVES it when her Papaw reads to her!

AC Christmas 2010


Just love this sweet baby.....

First Gingerbread House for AC

She LOVED decorating it....I just wish it wouldn't have fallen apart! ha We had to use skewers to "prop" the roof year I promise to let it dry before she decorates! I was just SO excited... I couldn't wait! Now I see why you should wait.... but she had a blast!!

check out her mouth...she wasn't sampling it as she decorated or anything!! ha

Look how much she was concentrating...... :)

I'm NOT Santa!

If you've never heard of this definitely need to get it! It is precious!! AC and Blake stopped in the middle of unwrapping presents to listen to me read it to them. They laughed and laughed! This book is a Christmas must-have! :)

Ava Claire and Blake

OMG.....Ava Claire and Blake (my brother's little boy) had sooooo much fun playing together! They were absolutely precious. I love to hear them both giggle so hard from having such a great time. That was the best gift....seeing them together and laughing!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Day one as a "two-year-old" went well! Let's just hope this continues......

Friday, December 17, 2010


Thank you Juju!

I love my remote control car....I chase it everywhere! I really like to make it spin in circles!! Thank you so much Juju and Papaw!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Sorry I'm late posting happy birthday to ya! With our birthdays being back-to-back...time gets away from me sometimes!!
You're the BEST daddy in the world! Mommy and I love you so much!
Ava Claire

Birthday Booty!

(Thanks to Tiffaney for the panties)!!

Cake face!

You are allll about the icing!

Ava Claire is TWO!!!

Dear Ava Claire,
You are the best daughter in the world! Daddy and I are so lucky that God gave us such as precious girl! You are so fun to be around and we love you soooo much! Please always stay this sweet and perfect!
We love you more than anything,
Mommy and Daddy
PS- yes, you put cake on your toes and ate it!!! silly goose!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Goofy Girl

Have I said lately how much fun we have!!!

Fun with Santa!

santa came to visit our neighborhood today....we had a fun time! I think it's safe to say AC's favorite part was decorating the Gingerbread man...she loved it! And did a pretty good job I think! She didn't want to sit with Santa we just did a family picture! It was a great morning!

AC's Gingerbread Man...she decorated it all by herself! She loved it!

AC, Caroline, and friends watching the puppet show!

Our family with Santa!!

Our neighbors--Brad, Kathryn, Caroline, and Ryan

Friday, December 10, 2010

Playgroup Fun!!

We have so much fun with our playgroup friends!!! We had a blast yesterday....from jumping toys, kids workout equipment, ball pit, balloon room, name it--- they loved it! This place was amazing for kids!!! We will definitely revisit soon!