Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dancing Purse Lady

She LOVES to dance, carry her purses around, wear bracelets, and take her baby doll with her everywhere!!! She is the funniest little girl...yes, she is so looking like a little girl here lately. She's getting so tall! One-piece outfits do not fit her because she's soooo tall...I sure hope her tallness slows down! I don't want her to be one of those girls who's jeans are always just a little bit too short! ha She carries not one, but two or three purses around filled with "treasures!" The last few days she has started carrying her baby dolls with her. She usually always has Amanda, Chloe, Minnie mouse, and Daisy near her! She will line them all up, try and pick them all up, or just take one walking around the house. She hasn't yet figured out to pile them all in her grocery cart and push them around yet. It's halarious watching her try and pick them all up! I've got to get a picture of this! (I left my small, simple camera at school this weekend). I'll try and get one soon. You've got to see her "lovin" Chloe (her doll from Aunt Linda)....the doll is small (just the right size for AC right now) and she will just snuggle with her. This morning when we went to wal-mart...she kept her in the carseat with her and even covered her up with a blanket! Such a caring, sweet girl! We are sooooooo lucky! We only hope we will be as lucky with the next one! She's still eating great...she especially likes baby goldfish and applesauce right now. We got her some bluberries today to try...I think she'll enjoy those because she really likes blueberry yo babies! That's about all of the updates we have for this week. I'll add some pics tomorrow when I get to school. We have a few new ones so you can see how big she is looking! I'll upload the video...hopefully it will work! You can see her dance and switch her purses from hand to hand. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mamaw and Papaw's Surprise Visit

Well AC woke up to a treat on Saturday morning....Mamaw and Papaw came down for a visit! When she woke up (at 6:00 on the she ALWAYS does!) I told her Mamaw was here! She whipped that head around and looked at me like...are you crazy moma??! Then she pointed up the steps. It was the funniest thing...she peeked her head in the room and just giggled when she saw them (still asleep of course..since it is still 615 AM!) She had a fun time "messin" with them. It was a fast trip for them, but it was fun. And perfect timing since daddy went to TN to see Great GrandDad Anderson. Now daddy and I are sitting here watching her on her monitor "play" in her bed...she's supposed to be sleeping...but we keep hearing "click, click, click"--her little tongue clicking in her mouth....etc. She's just a "messin" around.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I love you too!

She is just a funny girl! Just had to share a quick story with y'all! So I tell Ava Claire allllll the time how much I love her! I think I probably say "I love you", "moma loves you", "moma loves Ava Claire" about 40 times a day (no joke!) to her...well today was THE DAY! After I said "love you Ava" she looked right at me and said "luuu you" sooooo I said "moma loves you!" and she said "luuu you". It was just what I needed....

On a different note, I want to let you know about a little girl at our school that needs your prayers. She is a first grader in Mrs. Cronican's class who was diagnosed in October with small cell carcinoma of the ovary (which is a very rare condition in children)and has been undergoing chemo and surgery. The results are good so far...but she has a long way to I need you praying for this sweet little girl. My mind cannot even think about her mom, dad, sisters, and family and what they are going through with this....I just cannot comprehend it all. It just seems like so I'm asking you to please pray for her (Emily) and her mom (Amanda)to continue to be as strong as they are so far! If you would like to check out her website it is:
Her mom does a great job keeping it updated with the latest info. Thanks for your help for this sweet girl and feel free to add her to any prayer lists.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday GrandDad Anderson

We love you!
We wish we could have seen you on your birthday!

13 months old

wow! The month since her birthday has went soooo fast! It's hard to believe she's already 13 months old! She is just growing up too quick!

Ava Claire and Great GrandDaddy Anderson

Ava Claire had so much fun at Great GrandDaddy's house. She really liked playing with his walking cane!!

She loves her purses!

She is too funny! She carries her purses EVERYWHERE! She has four or five and I am serious when I say...she puts stuff in them and carries them with her. It's is such a sight to see! She will fall down, but make sure her purse is still on her arm! She does the same thing with her bracelets (Blake got her one for Christmas and so did Aunt Connie)...she loves them and wears them all of the time! She had to wear one to bed last night! I always said I wanted a "girly girl" and so far she sure is that!

My favorite AC story in a while happened just yesterday....we were preparing to go to lunch and we were back at the back door getting our coats and stuff I put on my coat and scarf and then picked up AC and put her coat on her. After I finished with her coat she went "uhhhtt" and pointed at her I put her scarf on her too. Then she went "uhhhhttt" and pointed at my purse. So I said "oh you want to take your purse too?" and she replied with "yaaaes" we went off to find one of her purses. When we did...she just smiled and said "yay!" and proceeded to put it on her arm. So we got in the car and she kept it on her lap all of the way to the restaurant! Even daddy was laughing at this!! She is a funny chick!

Monday, January 11, 2010

2009 Flashback

Happy New Year!! We had such an awesome year last year...this year is going to be hard to top! Ava Claire helped us create so many precious memories...we can't wait to see what this year holds. We only hope we are half as lucky. We have many good memories from the year....but my favorite for the year is of Ava Claire's first beach trip. We went to The Grand Hotel in Point Clear AL with our neighbors, Whitney, Justin, and Hayes and had so much fun! AC and Hayes were the best babies ever and we really had a fun time! We are sooooo ready to be back there!

Beach Babes

Cutest Babies Ever!

First Haircut

AC got her hair cut by Cousin Pat when we were home for the holidays. She sat so still while getting her hair cut...she didn't want to lost much of the mullet. :)

Christmas 2009

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas was wonderful!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We really enjoyed our time in Tennessee (we got to stay there about 10 days). Ava Claire is a master at opening gifts now. At the beginning, she would rip small pieces off (with much help from me). Then, she got really good! She would just rip and get the whole thing unwrapped. She got so good at unwrapping she even unwrapped one of Blake's gifts a few days later (Mamaw had to rewrap it before she took it to him). She was too funny!

I don't even know where to start in telling all of the new things she's doing. She's changed so much in the last 3 weeks that I could write all day long.

BIG NEWS: Ava Claire wears shoes now!!! I'm not sure if I blogged about this before or not, but used to when I came at her with a shoe, she would SCREAM! And AC doesn't really scream. So that was bizarre. I finally just gave up and decided she would just be a hillbilly and not wear shoes (she just wore her tights with shoes painted on them). Well, while we were at mom's house, Miller came over wearing her cute shoes! So I thought....hmmmm....maybe if AC sees Miller with them she will want them. So, long story worked! She wore Miller's shoes some that night (and even wanted them back on once we took them off). So needless to say, we went the next day and got her a pair and she's been wearing them ever since! She even took them in her bed for nap the other day...wouldn't nothing do her but to take her shoes to play with...what a change!!!! I love to hear her say "shoooow" it's funny!

She's walking everywhere! Anytime we go to the store she thinks she has to walk....therefore, we aren't going anywhere this month (because of all of the germs). So that's going to help us save money too! I'm really trying to start the New Year off good. I'm going to save money this year!

AC is talking all of the time...she will mimick anything you say. One funny thing she says is "hey Lily"...AC loved mom's cat, Lily, and wanted to touch her all of the time. Lily didn't really like that though and would hiss and run from AC. When we got back home...AC would go around the house saying "hey Lily" and looking under things for her. It was too sweet. So now, I'll show AC a picture of Lily and she automatically says "hey Lily"...too cute! I really think she thinks Lily's name is "hey Lily"!!! too funny!

I'll upload some pictures later tonight. I'm going to have to go wake AC up...she's been down for nap since 8---wow! She's almost slept too much for once! I'll be better at updating again....holidays are over and we are back and all well again. So I'll update more regularly!