Sunday, August 30, 2009

Waving Ballerina!

Here is a video of AC waving with personality!

Little Ballerina

She's just too cute! Here are a few pics from our rainy weekend....we just had to play dress-up again!
AC messing in her toy basket!
Daddy's Little Girl!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Too cute for words!

I just really can't tell you how absolute precious it is to see this sweet baby waving her hand! She's been doing it for a while....but now---she has added some personality to it! I'm going to video it's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen! (well, since the last thing she did! ha)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Little Snacker

Silly little AC has turned into a "snacker"! She isn't really eating her food too good right now....all she wants to do is snack! She loves her puffs and still mum-mums. She can pick up the puffs using her pincer grip really well!

8 month pics

Here are some recent pics of AC. She's now a little over 8 months old and still changing everyday! She just amazes us more and more each day. What a gift!
AC in her new sling!

Very messy eater now!
Eating/reading the breakfast menu
Trying on Halloween costume....too small! I wish I had this fashion shoot on was by far the funniest one yet!

So many new things

Hey guys! It was a sad day at our house today.....we had to stop using both the baby bjorn and the bumbo seat! She has outgrown both of we had to put them in the attic to save for Maxwell. (eventually! not anytime soon!)
We were really sad because we usually take a walk around the neighborhood every evening....but without the baby bjorn, they really weren't as enjoyable (since she isn't really a fan of her stroller!). So this weekend we went looking for something new to carry her in...and luckily we found a sling that she can ride in on my hip. It lets my hands be free again!! So, we are back in business! We are about to go take it for a spin and walk to the Sweet Stop.
Alright, so let me get on to her new, funny trick. You will just have to watch the video to see it! She has such a funny personality!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

What a week!

Hey guys! So sorry it's been so long since I've updated...but I've been a little busy! As you know, school started back this week. It was a lonnnnng week and I just didn't have time at the end of the day! But it's finally Saturday and we've had a great day!
So, about AC's first week with Mrs. Lynn (her new babysitter). She did AWESOME!! I was a basket case on the first day....but luckily was so busy the rest of the week that I didn't have time to be sad! But she really is doing GREAT with Mrs. Lynn. When I go and pick her up each afternoon, she crawls over to me and hugs me for a few minutes and then she wants down to go play some more! It is the best thing! I love seeing that she is happy makes me feel SO much better and not as guilty about leaving her. It's going as good as possible---we are so lucky (once again!) This little kiddo just continues to amaze us. She is such a precious little person! :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

AC pulling up

Check out the video of AC pulling up...she is doing it constantly!! We think she's going to be walking soon......she's soooo messy already! I can only imagine.....

AC's fall fashion show!

Hey guys!! AC had her fall fashion shoot today....she was too funny! Here are a few pics.....I love it when she lets me play dress up!!

She was getting tired....
She started eating the shoot was over!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beach video- sand

AC playing in the sand!


She rode a bike with daddy!

She fed the ducks!
She loved watching the water come in and putting her feet in it!
She played with Kate, our neighbor, who happened to be there too!
She changed bathing suits many times!!!

More beach fun

AC and Hayes wore matching outfits one day!! It was too sweet! Someone even asked if they were twins....nope- just boyfriend/ girlfriend!! haha

She fell asleep in her car a big girl!! Mommy even got to ride up front!

AC standing up in the car wearing her pajamas (since she had to change clothes!!) She stands up on EVERYTHING! It's continuous....that's one thing you can definitely say about AC---She is persistent!

Daddy Matt and Daddy Justin put the babies to sleep while we were having a late dinner one night! It was sweet!

AC's beach activities

Here are a few things AC did while at the beach....

Daddy buried her feet in the sand!

She crawled in the sand and loved it!

She went sailing!

AC and Hayes went kayaking!