Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I love my rainboots!

I love my rain boots! I love my rain boots! I love my rain boots!
Ava Claire sure likes to wear her boots --- rain or shine!
Ok...so her favorite book for the last few weeks has been "Pete the Cat- I love my white shoes" by Eric Litwin. (Thanks Aunt Linda!!!) We read that book 4-5 times a night and she just shakes and tries to snap her little fingers on "I love my white shoes, I love my white shoes, I love my white shoes!"....
It is the cutest thing!!
Well, she is hooked on a pair of her rainboots....and she loves for me to sing "I love my rain boots" while she is trying to walk in them (they are ten miles too big!) She is a mess! She wanted to sleep in them last night....luckily I got her talked outta that!
She is going thru such a funny stage right now...she is wanting to carry around the most random things. It just makes me laugh. She's got to be the cutest thing ever!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thunder Thighs Flashback

Ok...so I HAD to share this pic again...I've shared it MANY times...but it is STILL one of my favorites!!! She and Hayes are big buddies!!!

16 months old

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted...we've been extremely busy. I'm really behind on pics...I'll work on them this weekend I promise. I have some really good ones to share...just haven't had a chance to get them on here.

AC is now 16 months old...it doesn't seem possible. She is a mess! She's into everything and just saying all kinds of things...she's pretty much my little parrot! So mommy has got to "be right!" haha We had a big talk about that at work the other day....it's crazy how much she just does what I do...that being said....I've got to make sure I'm doing things I want her to do....so she's actually helping mommy!!

She LOVES the park...oh my goodness I wish you could just see her going to the park. I'm going to try and get a video of her busting out the front door and swinging that little arm to "run" to the park...she can go fast!!! It is absolutely precious! Once we get there....she just explores. Today she found rubberband on the sidewalk and that was BIG Fun! She was spreading it with both hands and it would pop off and she would just giggle!!! Then she found the water drain meter thing...in the ground....and it had a hole about the size of a quarter on it and she was finidng little sticks and putting them in the hole. This kept her bust for like 15 minutes!!!! wow!

Ok...I could go on and on...but I'm tired....so I'll update more this weekend I promise! Just know she's the most precious thing in the world.....o my!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Climbling on everything!!

Well, swim lessons sure have taught her how to climb on things. On thing they really concentrate on with her is to "hang" on the side of the pool and pull herself out....well, she has transferred that knowledge to climbing on the chairs, couch, etc. She just hikes that little leg up and up she goes! She just laughs at herself...she thinks she's soooo "big!"
She also has really been "playing" with her dolls....she took them in their stroller out for a walk yesterday and today....she pushed them all of the way to the park and then got "kitty cat" out and let him go down the slide with her. It is so cute to see her really play with her dolls. This afternoon she got "kitty cat" and "Chloe" and made them kiss. It was adorable. Then she brought them to me and had them give me a kiss...absolutely precious! She is just growing so fast!
In addition to all of this growing....she went down the BIG slide by herself today! It's deep and goes really fast...but down she went! When she landed she just kind of sat there...I was a little worried at first that she might be hurt...but she got up and laughed. I think she was just shocked that she got to go down without moma!
I could go on and on...but I'll spare ya. She's growing fast and we are loving every minute! Hard to believe she will be 16 months old at the end of the week!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Blake!

I hope you had a GREAT birthday Blake!!
I can't believe you are 3 years old!!
Ava Claire

Weekend Fun

It was such a beautiful day today....we started the day with swim lessons (only 1 week remaining....AC will be sad because she LOVES it)....then we came home and pretty much spent the whole day outside. We played in the backyard and visited with some friends....just a good day here in AL! I think it's starting to hit us that we ARE moving....it will be sad to leave...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fridge Fun with Daddy

She loves her ball from her Easter basket....she played with it all afternoon. She is amazed how it sticks to everything!! She had a blast when daddy was making it stick to the fridge. She's a silly girl.....

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter AC!

Today was Easter! Ac's 2nd Easter...and it sure was a lot different than last year!! She could do SO much more this year....It's crazy what a difference a year makes! MaMaw was here with us this year too...so that was fun!
You know AC...she can't just have one egg hunt or one Easter outfit...she HAS to have 2-3...well, she did! She hunted eggs with Mrs. Lynn and her friends, Hayes, Conner, and Carsyn. They had a blast!

Then on Saturday, we went to the neighborhood Egg Extravaganza....AC got to build-a-bunny...and she made one for her cousin Blake too. She also got to eat a cookie that looked like an easter egg....she grabbed a piece out of my hand before I realized...and down the hatch it went! She thought it looked soooo yummy!

She was soooo funny when she sat on the Easter bunny...she was fine for a few seconds...and then when the bunny moved/talked...she jumped like she had been shocked! arms straight up and yelled....ahhhhhh! for just a second...it was the funniest thing...if we would have gotten that on video...it would have won American's Funniest Videos for sure!
Then today, Easter day, we went to Church of course. She did great...she really enjoyed the singing and the organ. She was a little talkative...loudly saying "daddy"...so daddy made her leave! He thought people were giving us dirty looks (in Church...can you believe people would do that????!) So MaMaw took her outside for a stroll. Then we came home and had fun outside! She played outside for a very long time!! She really enjoyed her Easter! This morning was so funny...we had all THREE of her Easter bakets (you know the Easter bunny delivered her baskets from Mamaw and Grandmom too) laying out for her....and she loved it! She just messed with all of the stuff from them.....she had a blast! Without any candy!! :)

What a great day!!!