Sunday, September 27, 2009

1st trip to the Zoo

Ava Claire went to the Birmingham Zoo for the first time today. We have been trying to go for the last month....but it has rained every weekend!!! So we finally made it today! yippy!

Let me just start by saying that you won't see any awesome pictures (like I usually have) because after the FIRST one....the battery died! go figure! I thought I was going to cry.....I couldn't document her first trip to the zoo. However, I had my flip video with me....and I took lots of videos and I'm pretty sure I can make pictures from those somehow (I'll work on that in all my spare time! ha) sooooo when I get around to downloading all of those and making pics, you will see them! It probably will NOT be this's conference week and I have a ton this week!

Anyway, back to the Zoo. She was actually calm. Matt and I were very surprised...we really thought she would be wild! But she was kind of just looking around and calm. She purked up on the train ride (as she was trying to grab the boy in front of us and behind us!) but then got mad halfway thru the ride....I kept thinking "can this train pleasssssse go faster??!" as she's yelling in me ear! I didn't want her to be THAT BABY! that everybody gets annoyed at because they are ruining their zoo trip. She luckily calmed down pretty quick.

I could go on and on forever....but it's late and I still have conference forms to get finished for 7 am conference! So I'm going to leave it at this....out of all of the animals at the zoo....her favorites were the squirrel monkey, sand cat, and meerkat (all of which were tiny!!) The sand cats were by far her favorite....Matt got a good video of her laughing at them. They were funny. They would run right by the glass and just look at her. She did that for what seemed like forever! Funny thing about it was....little sand cat looked just like a normal cat (except all light orangish/ yellowish) soooooooo I'm thinking Ava Claire might end up wanting a cat.......... yay! I sure hope so! Daddy sure won't let me get one....but I bet if AC asks for one.....we'll get it! :) think so daddy???!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Halloween Bags

Hey guys! I've emailed some of ya'll about these cute halloween bags that a teacher's child is selling....they are 5 bucks WITH the monogram!!! If you want one, email me and let me know. They are precious!!

Am I ever going to rest again?!

Am I ever going to rest again??! I have a feeling a bunch of you are laughing and thinking NO! I also have a feeling that my mom is thinking "see why you just need to have one...they are a lot of work!" I can almost hear ya'll and can't wait to see the comments.....ha! you can tell it's been a LONNNNNG week! School has been busy (conference week) and AC has not slowed down at all! Therefore, mommy is exhausted. But hey, AC's worth it! Everytime I start feeling like this....I just have to think "wow! she is so cool and we are so lucky!" and we are that for sure.

Avanator's doing great....messing with everything! She's really into copying us right now...we can make weird sounds and she will make them back. It's pretty funny. And she LOVES playing ball. She will roll it back and forth and just laugh....hope that doesn't mean she's going to want to play softball or basketball! ha I guess I need to go ahead and get her some pom-poms to shake. I'll work on that.

Well, that's about it for now....I'm going to get some much needed rest so I will be ON TIME for my 6:30 AM conference!!! I know- what was I thinking??!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

We are OK!!

Hey guys!! Thanks for your concerns....we are OK!! Doing much better today! Both AC and daddy are better and our day was good. We really appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers!! Nothing else new in our neck of the woods....just getting ready for a long week. We wish we could come home soon! We miss ya'll!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Get Well Soon!!

I hope my Ma-maw feels better soon!!
Ava Claire

Tough day at the Anderson house!!

Wow! Yesterday was a tough day for our family. Both Ava Claire and daddy had to go to the doctor and get shots. Matt was diagnosed with sinus-itis (if that even exists!) and AC had her 9 month check-up and shots. She got two shots and a finger prick....the finger prick she REALLY did not like! She hated that band-aid on her finger. She chewed on it the ENTIRE ride home (which by the way was just AC and me---daddy was too sick to go to the appt). She finally got the band-aid off once we got home ----but immediately got mad because I had to scoop it out of her mouth. She worked hard on getting that thing off and then mommy just took it away---so you can imagine how mad she was over that. So it was a rough day....I had two whiny babies to deal with!! ha The day finally got better when we got her in her wagon...she completely chilled out and got back to the sweet AC.

Somehow thru all of that.....we survived! and both of them are doing good today. Avanator (her nickname from daddy) has been happy all morning (especially when she was eating her pancake at Cracker Barrell!) She ate half of a pancake and was "shoveling" it in as fast as I could rip it apart. She also had her 1st kid's meal from Chick-fil-a the other day. I got her a 4 pack and she ate all of them!!!! Not at one setting, but later that evening she ate the last two of them. She reallllllly likes chicken. So I guess she does take something after me!

As far as her doctor appt goes....she is doing great! I didn't get the paper so I honestly cannot remember all of her stats. I do recall that she weighed in at 21.8 pounds (which is only 1.8 pds more than her last check-up....but the doctor said that is totally normal since she is crawling everywhere!) She's only in the 90th percentile for weight now (so hopefully she's not doomed to be a chunkey monkey forever!) and she was still in the 95th percentile for height. I have to call Monday and make her 1 year I'll be sure and ask what her stats were (I know ya'll are dying to know how long she was!) Anyway, she sure is looking tall so far and oh my! she really is slimming down. It's kind of scary....she's always been so chunky and now she looks slim. I feed her all of the time now just to make sure she's still getting what she needs! She really likes mac n cheese so far. We are going to try green beans and mashed potatoes with her tonight. Hopefully she will like them too.

Can you believe she's 9 months old??? She's going to be 1 before we know it!!! It just doesn't seem possible! She is growing up way too fast. I guess we're going to have to start thinking about Maxwell/ Mitchell/ Mitchum/ MiniMatt/ Lucy Kate soon! If you can think of any good boy family names that start with an M- send them our way!

Well, that's about all that's going on in our world that we can talk about right now.....we'll give you some more scoop soon!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


She said "moma" as clear as anything today. She was crawling to me....and I was walking away from her....she looked up and said "MOMA"!!! I started was the sweetest thing ever!

She's been saying moma for a while when she's been "mommmma" and we sort of thought she was saying it. Well, today it was real! She knows how to get moma to do anything now! Of course I picked her up as soon as she said it! And I'm sure I will for the next million times too!! We are going to officially start working on "dada" tomorrow....

Kindermusik fun!!

Well, last night was AC's first night of Kindermusik.....and I think she flunked! ha Just kidding...she really seemed to enjoy it! She got to play with shakers, scarves, and a new ball. She was too funny. She just wanted to crawl all over the place and dump out the baskets of toys! Needless to say, this is a common thing for her! She is messy....but we like to think it is making her smart because she is "exploring!" She's a little explorer for sure!

She seems to be feeling a lot better....but now her daddy is kind of sick. He wouldn't go to the doctor (of course!) we are HOPING it's not H1N1. There are many kiddos in my school that have I am realllly trying to not bring the germs home! I'm even changing clothes before I pick up AC everyday! Hopefully, we can keep the germs away!

Nothing else new with her really.....she's just cruising around everywhere! We've started calling her Spiderman because she's constantly like having her hands on the wall and shimmy-ing down it. She looks so funny! We'll give ya some new videos/pics this weekend! :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Grandparents Day!!

Ava Claire wants to wish her Grand Dad, Grand Mom, MaMaw and Papaw a Happy Grandparent's Day!!! She wishes she could see you today!! She misses ya'll a lot!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's football time in Tennessee!!!

Future VOL cheerleader 2026!

AC loves Elmo her official favorite toy for the week is her Elmo that Mamaw brought her last week. It sings the hokey pokey and dances....well, she will just laugh when he does it! She tries to "get him" when he stops. And she just talks to him.....we haven't figured out what she's saying....but she sure is saying something! ha

She's feeling a lot better....pretty much back to normal AC. She's still kind of snotty...but I'm thinking that's because of her teeth...we shall see. Or, maybe she just wanted some time with mommy! I only worked 1 day last week!!! It was a wild week! I missed my school kiddos.....but it was kind of nice to just be with AC too. Well, AC is asleep and mommy is going to try and watch some of the UT game (in peace and quiet!)...I"ll let ya know how long this lasts......

Thursday, September 10, 2009

AC update

Hey guys!! Thanks for all the emails about AC and how she is doing....the answer is---GREAT! I ended up taking her to the doctor today (just to be sure!) and she is fine! She tested negative for both flu and strep. So, needless to say....she just wanted mommy to play hooky! It worked....

She's back to her normal self now! (finally!) We just got back from a wagon ride to the bakery and she had a great time! I think she only dropped her shakers like 16 times! haha Which is not many for her! (Papaw knows all about that!)

She starts music class Tuesday and is sooo excited! She will be going to Kindermusik because it is supposed to make her smart! (I know- she's already a genius, but what does it hurt!!?) I really think she will enjoy it- she loves music and making noise....I'll let ya know how it goes! :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Playing hooky!!!

Well that sweet little girl finally did it! She got mommy to play hooky today. She came home yesterday with a 101 fever- poor baby! She was pitiful. So I stayed home with her today and am giving her some extra lovin to try and make her better! She seems like she's doing better. I'm still keeping tylenol in her....we aren't really sure if she has a temp because all THREE of our thermometers are crazy! I put it in her ear one second and it says 101, then 92, then 64....etc. So needless to say, I don't think they work!!! Daddy is going to Babies R Us and buying all of the other kinds that we don't have! (I'll be able to tell you guys which kind actually works--hopefully there is one kind out there that is reliable). I did use the one that goes in her "bottom"- poor baby....and it says she's currently ok! Anyway....we are hoping that it's just a fever from her tooth (it looks swollen and like it might be coming) and nothing else. So I am trying to not rush to the doctor this time. We've been 2 times now- both of which I think they thought we were crazy for bringing her in. So, I'm trying to be calm. But ya know, it's really hard when it's your sweet baby! I instantly start worrying and not thinking straight when she's in pain.

She's currently crawling around "messin" so I think she's doing ok. She is a messy girl! I've said from the beginning that she will be the messiest one of them all- she sure is proving me right on that.

It's hard to believe that she's almost 9 months old! It just does not seem possible! I know I say it alot, but we are so lucky to have been given this precious gift! She is perfect!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

New video

Here is a short video of AC playing....

MaMaw and PaPaw came to visit!

Playing music as she rolls!

It looks like Christmas at our house....Mamaw and Papaw came to visit! Everything that AC was wanting and daddy wouldn't get- well, Mamaw took care of all of that! She is still trying to decide about her Elmo---she just looks at it with a blank stare. No expression- just thinking! She had a fun time this weekend...she especially loved her wagon rides! She has Papaw "trained". He walks behind the wagon and picks up her toys as she throws them out! spoiled!!! Daddy got home today....and guess what? 2 more new toys!!! He brought AC a jack-in-the-box and a little puppy (not real) that barks! We have officially decided that we have to wait on the real puppy for a while longer because AC is kind of wild with them right now! ha You will see what I mean when you see the pics below.
AC with Mamaw and Papaw
Flinging her puppy across the room
Messing with her new toys!
AC with her Great-MaMaw's beads

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

She can fly....

wow! Those little legs go so fast! I wish you could just see her....she LOVES for someone to "chase" her while she is crawling. She will "take off" and she can go fast! Then she will stop and turn back and look at me---once I start trying to "get her" she just flies! She will do this for long periods of time! The only problem is---it hurts! I don't see how she does it! I'm not a great crawler like her!

She's changing so much and getting so much personality! We are hoping to make it home soon so we can share her with ya'll! She's doing awesome with her babysitter. She sometimes even crawls away from us when we go and get her!