Monday, March 21, 2011

My Special Friend

So just as we thought she couldn't be any sweeter...she proved us wrong. Her new favorite thing to say is "where's my special love my daddy...I love my daddy". It is the sweetest, cutest thing ever. Everyday when Matt gets home from matter where she is in the house when she hears the door open (it beeps rather loudly) she runs and hides so he has to "find" her! Alot of times....when she's "hiding" she's just standing near something with her eyes closed! ha She thinks if her eyes are closed, then you can't see her! ha

2 years 3 months

It just doesn't seem possible....she's just getting too old too fast! We just want to freeze her at this age...she's perfect!! We love this little girl so much and are so thankful for her! She's doing so many new things right's crazy. It seems like she changes every day. She loves her rainboots....she's been wearing them non-stop for like two weeks now....she has an elephant that she carries everywhere....Ellie goes everywhere with us just like "Manda" used to go everywhere with me when I was a little kiddo. I see what my mom means now....I am always so scared we are going to "lose" Ellie somewhere....I keep up with her better than AC ;) She realllllly loves playing hopscotch right now too! It is too funny to watch her try to jump!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Park Fun!

She enjoys going to the park sooooo much!!! She loves to swing now....she always yells "super fast mommy"....loves to swing high!!!

Mommy's Little Girl!

First Gymnastics Class

She LOVED gymnastics! It was so much fun to see her participating with her little friends....oh the joys of being a mommy! It's just so awesome!! Already looking forward to next week!!! One funny thing: so I talked about gymnastics all day and told her all of the things she would be doing....what she got from me was "me do flip flops at gymnastics"....she kept saying that over and over! It was too funny! She thought "flips" were "flip flops".....very cute!! And to hear her say it was even cuter!

Waiting with daddy to go into gymnastics....

AC and Caroline walking into gymnastics

Warming up

Hold on tight!



Balance beam....she was a natural!!!

Ta Da!!!

Her favorite...the bars!