Monday, August 9, 2010

The things she does....

She is doing so many new things! Especially talking....these last few months have been crazy! It seems like she is learning 20 words a day...I call her my little parrot! Because anything you say...she tries to say it too! So here are the days where mommy has to make sure she says things she wants AC to say.....

She's into everything! She thinks she always has to "help". She was especially helpful at Target today when she carried the mop we were going to buy all thru the store. She held onto it and was dragging it behind her.... it was cute! (Glad it was early morning because it wasn't crowded at all or I wouldn't have let her do that!!!)

She's very brave...always trying new things.... and thinking of odd things to do. She loves to watch the men mow our yard each week....there are about 4 people that come- one mows, one weed-eats, one cuts bushes, and the other one blows all of the grass up....she will go from window to window watching them! It is great entertainment on Friday mornings!! (She even scooted the ottoman to the window so she could see better!)

She gives the sweetest little hugs....and pats you on the back. Oh my- it just melts your heart!

She will not call my mom Mamaw (as planned)...she calls her Juju. I will say "let's call mamaw and she will point to mom's picture and say "no- Juju".... she definitely has a mind of her own!

She is getting a little bit too brave at the pool...she will jump in and not worry. Bad thing is...when she goes under, she just holds her breathe and doesn't try to get back we are glad summer is coming to an next summer she will be old enough to understand some "pool rules" better.

She loves "tookies" aka cookies. My mom started this....thanks mom! When we were in Bristol, she had some of her first "cookies" and now every day she will look at me with those sweet little eyes, turn that head sideways, and say "tookie?" can I say no to that???? Soooooo she gets a cookie usually! (I do get the plain, low sugar things and she doesn't even care! thank goodness!)

She is excited about starting to "school". We enrolled her in a toddler program....she just goes two half days a week (I guess like a mother's day out)...but she will have to actually sit at circle time, look at books, eat her packed lunch, etc. It's a structured day to try and get them more ready for preschool...I think once she gets used to it she will love it! We went on our tour and she instantly played in the rooms! I hope she will get used to it quickly....I can't imagine her "first day"...... I now know how the parents of the kiddos in my class used to feel....

I could go on and on...but she's waking up from her very late nap! SO I better go get her up or she will never sleep tonight!!! Speaking of, she is back on schedule and doing great in the new house. Too bad we're heading to Bristol next week.....just in time to get her off schedule again! hahah

Well thanks for reading! I'll get some more pics soon!

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