Monday, February 7, 2011

Sooooooo many new things!

WOW! I cannot believe my little baby is two years and two months! It's crazy and amazing how fast this time goes by....I am trying my best to enjoy every minute of this sweet girl. I have a feeling time is just going to continue to go by way too fast!

She is doing soooo many new things! The sweetest thing she is doing right now is...when I put her to sleep and start to leave her room---she says "sweet dreams momma".....she came up with that one night on her own. I'm sure she's heard me say it before...but she has decided that is her new thing to say to me at night. Absolutely precious. Also, when I sneeze she immediately says "God Bless you Mommy" crazy and cool how they pick up on EVERYTHING you do! She is just a little sponge doing and remembering everything! This is awesome and helps me remember to "do good" so she will too!

She is growing good...eating good....and talking good! We couldn't ask for things to be any better!

I could go on and on....but she's having a nap and I want to "rest" I'm going to finish this one up with a few pics!

She loves to rock in her rocking chair (thank you Juju)...she looks mighty cute doing it too!

She's ready and waiting for Spring! It was in the fifty's yesterday so we stayed outside for a long it didn't look like this pic...the snow was gone! She loved every minute of finally being outside again. We are soooooooo ready for spring! She loves playing in the driveway and garage....

She reallllly likes wearing my shoes! Especially my rainboots and high heels! It is too funny to see her try to walk...she's actually pretty good with the heels!

She loves to call me "Amy" instead of momma....especially when we are in TN and everybody else is calling me Amy...she just has to join in!

This is what happens when you let your two-year-old play with your camera....definitely outta focus! Would have been a cute pic....oh ya, she is finally liking to swing...she's never been a swinger....but will swing some now!

Sooooo much personality!! She is definitely the life of the party....she just makes our day with her silliness, sweetness, and cuteness!

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