Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Owls are Nocturnal

Sooooo my sweet sweet girl loves school and learning. It amazes me at how much she remembers..her long term memory is definitely expanding. So much fun to watch. So her new thing is nocturnal animals. She can pretty much tell you all of them. She especially likes talking about owls and bats. Matt had to work late one night and she said "call daddy and tell him to be careful bc of the bats and owls....they are nocturnal". So here lately there is an owl that lives in our woods....everytime I hear it hoot I think of ac.....she loves to hear it too. So tonight I heard the owl and so I told ac that her owl lives in the trees by the golfcourse. That he must be a golfin owl.....to which she replies "oh mommy owls don't golf.....they just talk with their friends and hoot". Love this sweet girl and her little mind!!!

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