Monday, April 20, 2009

Ava's 1st Easter

Easter Photo Shoot

Ava had such a fun 1st Easter! On Saturday, she went to her first Easter Egg hunt here in our neighborhood. She didn't get to participate in the actual egg hunt because it was kind of cold, there were 8-year-olds wearing cleats, and her easter basket was only big enough for one all she did was get her picture taken with the Easter bunny. However, while mommy was getting her to smile, daddy forgot to take a picture on our camera.... so all we have is the printed out picture they gave us. But that's ok--no big deal! We got many other pictures of her in her dress.


  1. I love the photos and she looked absolutely gorgeous in her Easter attire. I loved the bunny purse LOL. You know me... I always focus on the purse first LOL. I must say that her daddy looked ready for another egg hunt in the bottom photo but Ava looks like she is saying.... "Easter! I've had enough" LOL. Thanks for the great updates.

    Love and hugs
    Aunt Sherry

  2. I'm glad Ava Claire liked bun-bun for Easter.