Thursday, April 30, 2009

I found my foot!!!

I found my foot!! When we came home from school today...we decided to go on a walk. So the whole time we were walking, Miss Ava Claire was exercising too....she would grab her foot and pull it back and forth continuously. It was too sweet! I kept telling her to be sure and exercise the other foot too, but she didn't! So she has one toned thigh and one flabby thigh!! ha

Here's a short video of her doing it.

She wore her new outfit Ma-Maw got her for Valentine's Day was precious. She looks really pretty in white too! Check out how cute...


  1. I love it ! Can't wait to see her, she's growing up without me.Love you guys, Mamaw

  2. Sweetie pie you have to exercise both legs to keep your figure perfect LOL. Amy thanks for all these great posts. I love seeing her every day and keeping up with all she is doing.