Monday, December 14, 2009

Are you serious???!

Poor many of you know, Ava Claire is not feeling well. She went to the doctor and she has an "infection" and is on an antibiotic. She has been pitiful...just moping around and looking helpless. She has been sitting on our lap a lot....but just sitting there like she doesn't feel well. Anyway, so it was a rough day today. Daddy kept her the first half of day while I worked, then I kept her the afternoon half. We survived...barely....after many meltdowns. So we finally get her medicated and to sleep around at this point, we are thinking "good! She's down for the night!"
Well, upon my opening her door to sneak some laundry into her chair....I am greeted with a smell that almost made me throw up! I immediately think "there's no way!" I proceed to her bed to "check" for some goodies in her diaper....when o ya.....tons of surprises for mommy! o my...the smell! So now I'm thinking "what do I do??!" I hate admitting that I was even thinking about leaving that on that sweet baby....but o my she was FINALLY asleep. So I decide...we HAVE to get it off...we can't leave it on there alllll night long. So, long story short, we get her out of bed! change her diaper! and she actually barely woke up! She is already back to sleep! (Daddy did a good job picking her up without waking her!) So even when she's sick....she's sweet (most of the time!)
Just keep Ava Claire in your prayers that she will feel better and her "infection" will go away quickly. Poor baby might be sick on her birthday!

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