Saturday, December 5, 2009

New things!

Just want to update you a little bit...she will be 1 soooo soon! It does not seem possible. She is just changing every day and such a fun little girl. Yes, she really is starting to look like a little girl...not a baby! It's the craziest thing! She's been sleeping late the last few days so we think she is having a growth spurt! Sweet girl!
Her new favorite things are "little people", her pink scarf from Aunt Sherry, and her "A" pink purse from Aunt Connie. She is so funny. She will pick that purse up and put it in her arm and just keep it there! Today we were at the store and she saw another purse on a rack...she just most politely picked it up and put it on her arm. Watch out daddy....two girls who LOVE Coach purses....that could be bad!
She's jabbering all of the time...if only we knew exactly what she was saying! She has many "words" and is willing to copy us do anything! She's like a little parrot. Hopefully we will teach her good things! Can't wait to see y'all!!!!

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