Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sick baby

We need your prayers....our sweet Ava Claire is sick. She's been pitiful, especially today. We went to the doctor...of course they say nothing is wrong (like always!)...just a cold/sinus/ teething issue.....WELL her good buddy, Hayes, was diagnosed with mouth-foot-hand disease today....and I'm almost positive I just saw "dots" on the bottom of her feet when we were getting in bed...her night light is dim, so I couldn't get a really good look...but I'm 85 percent sure. I'll let you know for sure tomorrow. Guess I should have waited a day to take her to the doctor.

Anyway, please pray for these sweet babies to get over this fast! And pray for the other babies to not get it. AC has been pitiful today...and it just breaks my heart to see her like this. She just snuggled on my lap and didn't even look at her story as I was reading it. This is the first night ever! (Since she's been about 4 months...so I know she REALLY feels bad!) It absolutely breaks my heart.......

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  1. sweet ava claire and hayes ... we've had children at our center with HFMD before and it is no fun! i pray that both babies and mommies will feel better soon!!!