Saturday, May 1, 2010

We have a new house!

It's official....we now have a new house! yay! Ava Claire got to go see her new room and her big backyard! She's already met a little girl (2 years old) who lives right across the street....she sure won't replace Hayes...but she will be a fun friend. They played in the driveway for a few hopefully this is a good sign! I guess we really are moving.....still doesn't really seem real. But I guess since we now have a house's real! hmmmmm still just doesn't seem like it! I'm just hoping AC adjusts well...she sure will miss her friends here and the park! She comes out our front door and heads straight for the park...she won't be able to do that in the new house....guess daddy will have to get her a play-set for the backyard! :)
I'll post some pictures soon....sorry! Just too tired and have to get the laundry done....

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