Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mom of Two

So many of you keep asking me how it feels to have two kiddos.....IT FEELS GREAT!! I am loving every minute with sweet Baby Max. I love watching Ava Claire interact with him and try to "teach" him things...I really love it when she tells him "when you get big like me you can do this Max"...she thinks she is so "big" now!

She has settled in smoothly...she loves him so much and loves to help with him. He also loves watching her...he is amazed by all of the things she can do. She helps me keep him entertained. She loves dancing and singing for him...he will just sit and watch her! Very helpful to me too....especially when I try and cook. She gets to be on baby duty...and she LOVES being in charge!

Max is a sweet baby...he sleeps well at night and is pretty mild mannered. his biggest flaw is wanting to eat AS SOON as he wakes up...makes it kind of hard to go to dinner...because when he wakes up he wants to eat that minute! So we're still working on trying to learn to wake up happy...but who am I kidding?? I rarely wake up happy and ready to go. It takes me time too....so I'm trying to be understanding.

There are moments when I have to stop and remind myself that he's only 6 weeks old..he's just been out-and-about so much earlier than AC was...that I keep forgetting he's still just a little guy.

So, to answer your question, "how do you like having two?"....I LOVE it! I am trying to enjoy every single minute with this sweet baby...because this might just be my last baby :( We haven't totally ruled out a third....but it kind of seems like we will be content with these two precious angels and not be greedy for another. But we shall see..... :)

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