Tuesday, February 16, 2010


She is soooo funny! Just when I think she can't get any funnier...she does something else to top it. Today she was sitting on the couch frozen---like a statue...all she was moving were her eyes back and forth. It was halarious! Then our door went "beep, beep, beep" (because the alarm makes the doors beep anytime they are opened)...so she knows that sound and knows that it means someone is coming in the door. (this was taking place while she was frozen like a statue on the couch)....so all of a sudden she popped up and yelled "Daddy" sooooo loud! Then fell down and really "hid" from him. She kept popping her little head up looking for him...then putting it back down. It was absolutely precious! And the whole time she was just laughing at herself. She thought she was soooo funny too! When daddy finally came over to "get her"...she kept hiding and acting "shy" from him. That is her new thing to do with daddy...she hides and smiles and just looks so shy! It's adorable! She just gets cuter by the minute. I think she might be turning into a daddy's girl!!!

One other small story to happen is similar....she was messing in her bucket of toys beside the couch and daddy leaned over and said "boo" and she yelled "Ahhhhhh" and raised her little arms like she was a monster. Both daddy and I were laughing so hard we could barely stop...this went on for like 3 minutes....the more we laughed...the more she laughed. And the longer she laughs the sillier she gets and the harder she pats her belly. For some reason she is starting to pat her belly when she laughs hard. I think she thinks it feels neat bouncing.

I promise...she's a mess! Sometimes she seems a little too lively! I could go on and on with stories about her...but I'll spare you tonight. I'm going to watch AI...so have a great night and we'll share some more soon!

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