Saturday, February 6, 2010

Getting so big!

She looks so much older today....and she is acting wayyyyy older! She understands what we say!!!! You can tell her to go get on her train...and she will walk over and sit on her train and play. You can tell her to go get her teapot and bring some tea...she will go get her teapot and bring a cup too! You can tell her to go get "Amanda" and she will get her and hug her! She honestly understands what we say now!! yay! Hopefully she will continue to do as we say! ha

That being said, we have a funny story to share. We went shopping tonight for more scrapbook stuff (I am determined to have her 1st year finished before this month is over!) while we are there, I decide that we should go ahead and look for her a small Easter basket that she will be able to hold good for the egg hunt. So we find "the perfect one" and she will NOT hold it! She just looks at me like I'm crazy...and you know she carries bags and purses around that is why I'm ever more confused at this point- she has never declined a purse before! I continue to try...she continues to walk away. Welllll, then she changed her mind! She found the buckets of things that are 1.00 (ya know at Michael's they have that whole section with little stuff for 1.00)...well she just most politely filled her Easter basket full of rubber stamps, tissues with a "R" on them, and princess stickers. It was funny! So then I finally got her to empty that stuff and practice with fake eggs....and the basket worked! So it was a keeper and we are hoping it will be the perfect basket for her to bring to the egg hunt. She should be good by then! We're going to practice! (ha!)

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