Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Carsyn's Birthday Party

Carsyn- the Birthday boy! Happy 1st bday!!
We went back to Birmingham to visit friends and attend Carsyn's first birthday party! AC went to the babysitter with Carsyn last year. She really enjoyed seeing her "little friends". They were precious and I really think they recognized one another. Mrs. Lynn kept a total of four babies (including AC) and all of those babies are with her again this AC had fun getting to see them again. She misses being there!
We spent the night with Whitney and Hayes and the kiddos played all evening. Hayes is the only baby that AC will really share with....I guess that's because they were together from the beginning. We sure do miss Hayes!!!! I wish y'all could move to Birmingham!! There's a house close to us for sale!! ha
Anyway, the visit was great. We got to see Aunt Linda and eat lunch at Zoe's and go shopping with her!! It was sooooooo good to see her! She got to witness "back or buy"....alright, I'm going to tell the fast version of this story because it's time for AC's bath (and Matt is terrified of doing it by himself---go figure!) Soooo, as many of you know, I like to shop. Well since I like to shop, AC goes with me. So she has learned from a young age how to do it right! Well, now that she's talking so much....she can repeat things I say. I used to always jokingly say to her when I would hold something up "AC do you like this?" and she would usually say
"ya-es"...more yes' than no's (unfortunately). Well now, since she says yes to everything....I have to make her choose (cause we can't get everything we want!!) So now I say "hmmmm should we put this back or buy it?" and she usually responds "buy it".....well, Aunt Linda got to witness her wanting to "buy" some pants. She was concentrating so hard while she was looking at the items....So we had a good laugh.....then like 5-10 minutes later we were going to the register to check out and AC looked right at the lady working the register and said "BUY" at the top of her lungs!! We laughed and laughed....she is a natural born shopper! She is a mess!

Here are some pics from Carsyn's party!

Connor, Hayes, and AC

AC and Mrs. Lynn

Hayes and AC

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