Wednesday, September 1, 2010

AC's first day of "school"

Soooo tomorrow is her first "full day" of far, so good. She cries when I hand her off, but then she is fine within 5-10 that's good! However, the other day she only had to be there for an I decided to just sit in the car and read my book since it was a beautiful fall-feeling morning.....well, her class went outside to the playground and I got to see her fly out the door sooooo excited to play. I was feeling good that she was having fun....She played ok--- didn't really interact with the other kiddos that much, but played on her own fairly well. Well, when it was time to "line up" she wouldn't get in line. I heard her teacher have to say her name like 4 times (I'm feeling sooo embarrassed at this point)....and then she finally came to line up.....I was feeling so proud at this moment that she FINALLY came. Well, all of a sudden she just took off running back to the playground and her teacher had to go get her. I was mortified! My sweet girl would never do something like that........but then she DID! SOOOOO I'm hoping my sweet girl listens a little better tomorrow... we shall see!

Hugging her teacher, Mrs. Kathy

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