Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What is she doing these days??

Just wanted to do a brief update on some things about AC....she is soooo much fun right now! She is at the perfect age! She is sweet and can actually communicate really well with us. She is very strong willed and knows what she wants!! She's funny.... she gives the BEST hugs...she will just run and hug and kiss you. She especially does this to daddy when he comes home from work...she hears the basement door open and she takes off "daaaaaadddddy!!!" fast as she can! It is precious!

She loves to dance! She has no rhythm- like her moma- but she loves to try! She loves it when we dance around the house! This is a sight!

She loves Daisy and Minnie Mouse right now (aka Day-see and Mimmy)....oh my goodness! She is precious when she sees them. She is a huge fan of Mickey Mouse clubhouse! She also loves Dora (Dor Dor)...she really likes Dora's backpack...if I am sitting in the floor, she will climb on my back, put her arms around my neck, and say "backpack!!!" like she's my backpack or something! She's too much!

She LOVES TO BE OUTSIDE! I don't know what we are going to do when it gets cold here...I guess we will bundle up and go on out. She wants to go out every morning after breakfast! She just loves being out there! She's a big fan of our garage too.... she loves to mess down there...I think bc it is aa HUGE mess! And she loves to just see what she can find!

She is doing great at school....she loves the playground there and always has plenty to tell me about her day. It's quiet funny listening to her try and give her recap of the day...I always ask open-ended questions now to try and see how she responds. She really tries to tell me about it! I love it! School has been good for her and me...

I could go on and on bc you know we think everything she does is precious...but I'm tired and still have laundry to finish.... I'll leave you with this pic of her....this shows how silly she is most of the time!!

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