Friday, July 10, 2009

Does she really look like a boy???

Well, I have plenty to blog about today!!! We were running some errands and AC was dressed so her little white dress with a BIG white bow--she looked like a live baby doll! I'm just thinking to myseldf how cute she looks and how sweet she is being. She was in the baby bjorn and we were shopping and just having a gool ole time...meanwhile a little old lady comes up to me and this is how the conversation goes:
Little old lady (LOL): "oh! HE's a cute baby"
me: "thanks! She's a sweet girl"
LOL: "wow! HE sure does have some big thighs"
me: "yea, she's a big girl"
LOL: "what's HIS name?"
me: "Ava Claire"
LOL: "Ava Claire- hmmm"
me: "yay"
LOL "oh is HE a girl?"
me: "yay, she's a big girl!"
LOL: "oh. ok"

And she turns and walks off....I'm just standing there like "are you kidding me??!" SHE has a HUGE bow in her head!!! I would have been really offended but I think her bifocals weren't working right! She was at least 70 we'll cut her some slack!!

She had a HUGE white bow in her head......


  1. She does not look like a boy LOL. Aside from that she also had a bow in her hair and was wearing a dress LOL. Poor lady she probably thinks her husband looks 30 yrs old too. haha.

  2. That is too funny. And NO, AC does NOT look like a boy. She's WAY too cute. I think Hayes looks just like a little BOY, but today in church, a man (not a little old man, but a middle aged man that we happen to know pretty darn well) go on and on about what a cute little girl Hayes is. Yeah, yeah, I KNOW he had lace on his blue bubble, but it WAS blue. It's not quite as bad as the LOL mistaking AC for a boy... big white bow and all! :-)