Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MaMaw and Papaw

Well.....mamaw and papaw left this morning....we are too sad! We are still holding out hope that their lottery ticket will be a winner this week so they can move here!! Mom's favorite house is still for it's meant to be! AC would love having them as babysitters because she knows she could get by with ANYTHING!! ha

She is crawling so good now! She was too funny the other night. Mom, dad, and Matt were in the kitchen eating and AC and I were in the living room.....well, she decided she wanted to go where the food was!!! So, she took off! She just crawled all the way toward the kitchen. It was too funny! I promise to load a video tonight....we will get her crawling tonight so you can see her go!

She has a new favorite snack too. She LOVES eating mum mum's and they sure are messy!!! She gets them all over herself! But she loves it's worth it!!
Nothing else too exciting is happening with us right now....daddy is CONSIDERING getting AC a dog! (He's not totally sure yet...but he's thinking she might be able to when she starts wanting one! I'm telling you....this little girl can get daddy to do many things! haha)

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  1. Well, I'd love to see them win the lottery (if they share LOL) but I'm not for them moving to Alabama. I'm more hoping that you Matt and AC move back to TN LOL.