Friday, July 3, 2009

Such a big girl!!

I feel like she changes everyday.....she just keeps looking older to me. When I look at her each day, I can't help but feel like the luckiest person alive!! She has made life so much more enjoyable. Everything she does is a blessing and we're very lucky. Again, she is doing so many new things I just don't know where to start....she sat up really good and played with her toys from her toy basket for a long time today (by herself!!) which was wonderful! I was able to clean her room during this time and pack up many clothes that are too small! She is now in 12 months stuff and some 18 months depending upon the brand. We are very sad that she is just about to outgrow her bumbo seat and baby bjorn carrier too....oh my I don't know what we'll do when that happens! She LOVES being carried around in that I'm very worried that she will expect us to carry her once she is too big to be in it!! We shall see...

She's finally asleep and I need to get some stuff done...she didn't nap again today so I haven't had much time to get anything done! We'll post some pics of her in her 4th of July outfit tomorrow...she's going to be in a let's hope she will cooperate. We'll let ya know how that goes....

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  1. They grow up too fast. I'm glad she is wearing 12 months now because I just gave your mom several outfits to bring down there when they visit and they were 12 months. LOL.