Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dancing Purse Lady

She LOVES to dance, carry her purses around, wear bracelets, and take her baby doll with her everywhere!!! She is the funniest little girl...yes, she is so looking like a little girl here lately. She's getting so tall! One-piece outfits do not fit her because she's soooo tall...I sure hope her tallness slows down! I don't want her to be one of those girls who's jeans are always just a little bit too short! ha She carries not one, but two or three purses around filled with "treasures!" The last few days she has started carrying her baby dolls with her. She usually always has Amanda, Chloe, Minnie mouse, and Daisy near her! She will line them all up, try and pick them all up, or just take one walking around the house. She hasn't yet figured out to pile them all in her grocery cart and push them around yet. It's halarious watching her try and pick them all up! I've got to get a picture of this! (I left my small, simple camera at school this weekend). I'll try and get one soon. You've got to see her "lovin" Chloe (her doll from Aunt Linda)....the doll is small (just the right size for AC right now) and she will just snuggle with her. This morning when we went to wal-mart...she kept her in the carseat with her and even covered her up with a blanket! Such a caring, sweet girl! We are sooooooo lucky! We only hope we will be as lucky with the next one! She's still eating great...she especially likes baby goldfish and applesauce right now. We got her some bluberries today to try...I think she'll enjoy those because she really likes blueberry yo babies! That's about all of the updates we have for this week. I'll add some pics tomorrow when I get to school. We have a few new ones so you can see how big she is looking! I'll upload the video...hopefully it will work! You can see her dance and switch her purses from hand to hand. Enjoy!

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