Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter AC!

Today was Easter! Ac's 2nd Easter...and it sure was a lot different than last year!! She could do SO much more this year....It's crazy what a difference a year makes! MaMaw was here with us this year that was fun!
You know AC...she can't just have one egg hunt or one Easter outfit...she HAS to have 2-3...well, she did! She hunted eggs with Mrs. Lynn and her friends, Hayes, Conner, and Carsyn. They had a blast!

Then on Saturday, we went to the neighborhood Egg Extravaganza....AC got to build-a-bunny...and she made one for her cousin Blake too. She also got to eat a cookie that looked like an easter egg....she grabbed a piece out of my hand before I realized...and down the hatch it went! She thought it looked soooo yummy!

She was soooo funny when she sat on the Easter bunny...she was fine for a few seconds...and then when the bunny moved/talked...she jumped like she had been shocked! arms straight up and yelled....ahhhhhh! for just a was the funniest thing...if we would have gotten that on would have won American's Funniest Videos for sure!
Then today, Easter day, we went to Church of course. She did great...she really enjoyed the singing and the organ. She was a little talkative...loudly saying "daddy" daddy made her leave! He thought people were giving us dirty looks (in Church...can you believe people would do that????!) So MaMaw took her outside for a stroll. Then we came home and had fun outside! She played outside for a very long time!! She really enjoyed her Easter! This morning was so funny...we had all THREE of her Easter bakets (you know the Easter bunny delivered her baskets from Mamaw and Grandmom too) laying out for her....and she loved it! She just messed with all of the stuff from them.....she had a blast! Without any candy!! :)

What a great day!!!

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