Monday, April 12, 2010

Climbling on everything!!

Well, swim lessons sure have taught her how to climb on things. On thing they really concentrate on with her is to "hang" on the side of the pool and pull herself out....well, she has transferred that knowledge to climbing on the chairs, couch, etc. She just hikes that little leg up and up she goes! She just laughs at herself...she thinks she's soooo "big!"
She also has really been "playing" with her dolls....she took them in their stroller out for a walk yesterday and today....she pushed them all of the way to the park and then got "kitty cat" out and let him go down the slide with her. It is so cute to see her really play with her dolls. This afternoon she got "kitty cat" and "Chloe" and made them kiss. It was adorable. Then she brought them to me and had them give me a kiss...absolutely precious! She is just growing so fast!
In addition to all of this growing....she went down the BIG slide by herself today! It's deep and goes really fast...but down she went! When she landed she just kind of sat there...I was a little worried at first that she might be hurt...but she got up and laughed. I think she was just shocked that she got to go down without moma!
I could go on and on...but I'll spare ya. She's growing fast and we are loving every minute! Hard to believe she will be 16 months old at the end of the week!!!

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