Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mamaw and Papaw's Surprise Visit

Well AC woke up to a treat on Saturday morning....Mamaw and Papaw came down for a visit! When she woke up (at 6:00 on the she ALWAYS does!) I told her Mamaw was here! She whipped that head around and looked at me like...are you crazy moma??! Then she pointed up the steps. It was the funniest thing...she peeked her head in the room and just giggled when she saw them (still asleep of course..since it is still 615 AM!) She had a fun time "messin" with them. It was a fast trip for them, but it was fun. And perfect timing since daddy went to TN to see Great GrandDad Anderson. Now daddy and I are sitting here watching her on her monitor "play" in her bed...she's supposed to be sleeping...but we keep hearing "click, click, click"--her little tongue clicking in her mouth....etc. She's just a "messin" around.

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