Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas was wonderful!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We really enjoyed our time in Tennessee (we got to stay there about 10 days). Ava Claire is a master at opening gifts now. At the beginning, she would rip small pieces off (with much help from me). Then, she got really good! She would just rip and get the whole thing unwrapped. She got so good at unwrapping she even unwrapped one of Blake's gifts a few days later (Mamaw had to rewrap it before she took it to him). She was too funny!

I don't even know where to start in telling all of the new things she's doing. She's changed so much in the last 3 weeks that I could write all day long.

BIG NEWS: Ava Claire wears shoes now!!! I'm not sure if I blogged about this before or not, but used to when I came at her with a shoe, she would SCREAM! And AC doesn't really scream. So that was bizarre. I finally just gave up and decided she would just be a hillbilly and not wear shoes (she just wore her tights with shoes painted on them). Well, while we were at mom's house, Miller came over wearing her cute shoes! So I thought....hmmmm....maybe if AC sees Miller with them she will want them. So, long story worked! She wore Miller's shoes some that night (and even wanted them back on once we took them off). So needless to say, we went the next day and got her a pair and she's been wearing them ever since! She even took them in her bed for nap the other day...wouldn't nothing do her but to take her shoes to play with...what a change!!!! I love to hear her say "shoooow" it's funny!

She's walking everywhere! Anytime we go to the store she thinks she has to walk....therefore, we aren't going anywhere this month (because of all of the germs). So that's going to help us save money too! I'm really trying to start the New Year off good. I'm going to save money this year!

AC is talking all of the time...she will mimick anything you say. One funny thing she says is "hey Lily"...AC loved mom's cat, Lily, and wanted to touch her all of the time. Lily didn't really like that though and would hiss and run from AC. When we got back home...AC would go around the house saying "hey Lily" and looking under things for her. It was too sweet. So now, I'll show AC a picture of Lily and she automatically says "hey Lily"...too cute! I really think she thinks Lily's name is "hey Lily"!!! too funny!

I'll upload some pictures later tonight. I'm going to have to go wake AC up...she's been down for nap since 8---wow! She's almost slept too much for once! I'll be better at updating again....holidays are over and we are back and all well again. So I'll update more regularly!

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