Sunday, January 17, 2010

She loves her purses!

She is too funny! She carries her purses EVERYWHERE! She has four or five and I am serious when I say...she puts stuff in them and carries them with her. It's is such a sight to see! She will fall down, but make sure her purse is still on her arm! She does the same thing with her bracelets (Blake got her one for Christmas and so did Aunt Connie)...she loves them and wears them all of the time! She had to wear one to bed last night! I always said I wanted a "girly girl" and so far she sure is that!

My favorite AC story in a while happened just yesterday....we were preparing to go to lunch and we were back at the back door getting our coats and stuff I put on my coat and scarf and then picked up AC and put her coat on her. After I finished with her coat she went "uhhhtt" and pointed at her I put her scarf on her too. Then she went "uhhhhttt" and pointed at my purse. So I said "oh you want to take your purse too?" and she replied with "yaaaes" we went off to find one of her purses. When we did...she just smiled and said "yay!" and proceeded to put it on her arm. So we got in the car and she kept it on her lap all of the way to the restaurant! Even daddy was laughing at this!! She is a funny chick!

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