Friday, March 26, 2010

15 month doctor appt.

She had her 15 month doctor's visit today...the doctor said she is doing great and progressing faster than she should! She weighed in at 24 pounds and is 33 inches long! She is STILL in the 95th percentile for height....I started to worry so I asked the doctor just how tall she could end up being...she said that a 95th percentile adult woman is anywhere from 5'8" to 5'9" that's not too bad! I was worried she would be like 6 feet tall!! ha

She got 4 shots...and it was NO fun! Poor baby...she just sat so still and cried so pitifully. On the way home she would look down at her little leg, point to her band-aids, and whimper the most pitiful little whimper cry ever! It broke my heart. So I said "Ava Claire are you huritng?" She said "YES!" and pointed to her little thighs. pitiful. Shot days are soooo hard! However, she is caught up on ALL of her shots and shouldn't have to get anymore until she's 5! wow! She doesn't even have to go back to the doctor until she's 2! Wow! That's a long time.... and by then she will have another doctor! So we said goodbye to her doctor today and told her we were moving. We really did enjoy her...she was very sweet to AC!

So we made it home and she had some dinner....I gave her a french fry to help make her feel better--and of course--she wanted ketchup. So I gave her a big pile of her own so I didn't have to share with her. Well, in the meantime, she decided the ketchup tasted better than her I look over and she's eating it with her spoon! So basically, she had ketchup for dinner. When she was finished...she had it from her head to toe. I have a feeling we are entering an EXTREMELY MESSY seems like every day we just find something to mess in!

Every day is a new day. She just changes so fast and does so many new things daily. It truly is a miracle to just see her little brain growing and learning new things. We love every moment we have with her! She's our pride and joy! (Everytime I say "pride and joy" it reminds me of my Ma-maw...who carried around a picture of her "pride and joy" and it was seriously a pic of a bottle of pride and a bottle of joy! haha) If only my Ma-maw was here to see AC....she sure would have enjoyed her. Sometimes it just doesn't seem fair that things happen the way they do.... But as AC's new favorite book says "Life is good!"

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