Sunday, March 21, 2010

Warm weather fun!

Yesterday the weather was absolutely perfect! We had three house we had to be out of the house pretty much all we just stayed outside ALL afternoon (6 hours to be exact!). It was perfect! Matt, Justin, Ava Claire, and myself started out in the green space across from our house...and in no time at all it turned into a party! Many of the neighborhood friends (and babies) came by and hung out. The babies were precious...all just playing in the grass. It was bittersweet for us because it reminded us that we will shortly be leaving the greatest neighborhood ever! It's just so awesome how many babies there are that are so close in age...we can't help but be sad to leave. I could soooo see AC growing up with these guys and being rascals together in kindergaten! However, we know the move is for the best....and have to remember that! We will just enjoy these last few months here even more! And really, it's not that far of a drive back and we can definitely come back!

Ava Claire really had a blast..she has scratches all over here little hands (I'm guessing from the sidewalks and steps)but those scratches didn't slow her down at all. She just kept on playing! She played really well with the "big girls". There was a 5 year-old and then some 4th graders playing too....and she LOVED having them hold her hand and walk her around. She just smiled and waved! I can't even describe how sweet it was to watch them all play! Too cute for words!

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