Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another House Hunting Trip

Well, we survived yet another trip to ATL to look for was another short trip...only in town for 3 days. We looked at houses everyday and sweet AC was wonderful again! She was such a trooper and did a great the fourth morning, she did not want back in her carseat! I can't blame her! But we did make it home safely....and WE FOUND A NEIGHBORHOOD!!!! Yay! We haven't totally found a house, but we know which neighborhood we want to live that's good news! We are hoping something will work out in there for us!

Now that we are back, it's Spring break and we are having so much fun! We are getting to see what it will be like next year when AC stays home with will be a different kind of work- that's for sure! But it will be great!

AC turned 15 months old's soooo hard to believe! She is doing soooo many new things! She is running everywhere and definitely knows what she wants! Her new favorite thing is to "identify" everything....we can say where's Ava Claire? she points to herself, she can also find moma, daddy, her mouth, shoes, socks, belly, bottom, head, cup, Chloe, Amanda, Violet, pink bear (all of her little friends)'s just amazing how much she is changing so fast! She's like a little sponge....I can read her a book and point out a few new things on the page (rainboots, umbrella, dog, etc) and she can instantly remember and find them the next time we look at the's just crazy! We are loving every moment with this sweet baby!

It's finally warm when she wakes up (late nap because we went shopping) we are going on a wagon ride. Hopefully we will see some of her friends at the park so she can play with them.

She can really "play" was the cutest thing...we were at Gymboree this morning and she was back in the little kiddie section where the chairs and tv are located and there was another little boy back there (probably about 4 years old) and she was hiding behind things peek-a-boo-ing him. It was too cute! They were really interacting and playing...the cutest thing ever! She's going to have such a fun time with Blake this summer...I can't wait to see them together! She KEPT bringing me a pair of flip flops and she just most politely got a bracelet and put it on her arm (needless to say...we just HAD to get it!) She already LOVES jewelry! She will get alllllll 10 of her bracelets on one arm and her purse on the other and hold both arms up in the air (so the items don't fall off) and just go thru the was quiet humorous to watch! She definitely has some personality! She's not a boring baby...that's for sure!

I could go on and on forever....but I'll spare ya. I'll try and get a few recent pics at the park this afternoon or tomorrow and upload them since it's been a while. Hope all is well with you guys!

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