Sunday, March 7, 2010

AC's first skinned knee!

Poor her first skinned knee this weekend in Atlanta. We went on our first house hunting trip....and at our last house, she was just too excited that the looking was finally over...she started running down the driveway and fell down. I didn't realize at that time that she had a boo was later that night when she was getting ready for bed. Poor baby had her first scab!

She did sooooo good on our house hunting trip. We left Saturday morning when she woke up, drove there, met a realtor, and drove around all afternoon. We saw like 7 houses I think...and AC did great! She rode in her carseat like a champ and "looked" at all of the houses. Her favorite house had a baby room with a baby bed and she was soooooo ready to jump in the bed and rest! She kept trying to get in the bed! It was cute...yet sad....because that poor baby was soooo tired of "looking" at houses. We made it thru the day....but did NOT find a house. We found a few that are "ok" but nothing that we just love!

House hunting in ATL is definitely going to be a challenge...there are just sooooo many houses and so many different areas-- all of which we know nothing about! Soooo, we are trying to prepare ourselves for this to take a while...there is definitely nothing like our current neighborhood available there...which makes it even harder! We are just too spoiled because we honestly live in the "perfect" neighborhood...and our neighbors are great. I think it's going to be harder than we thought to leave.....

But it will work out...we will figure it out. Attached is AC's pic of her skinned knee. Poor baby!

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  1. So sad you guys are moving! What part of ATL are you moving to? Not sure where Matt's office is, but Peachtree City is a great place to live! It's about 20 min. south of the airport.

    Good luck w/ the house hunting! And, hope AC's knee heals fast!