Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ava's words

Ya know it is soooo hard to tell when a baby actually says a word. They jibber jabber all of the time and make sounds and it sometimes sounds like things (especially if you listen just right! ha). WELL, today....AC said 2 things perfectly clear! She said "hi dad" just as plain as could be.......that was so weird to us because she had never really jabbered the "ddddddd" sound....we were beginning to get concerned about her inability to make the "ddddddddaaaa" sound....well now we know she CAN say it!
Also.....I know this is really hard to believe, but I promise.....Matt even heard it (and he doesn't exagerate ANYTHING!!!) Ava Claire said "Ava" just as plain as day. I was saying "wow Ava you are sooo strong! go Ava! wow Ava!" just acting silly and I'm dead serious when I say she just looked up at me and said "Ava". Odd--- I know. It sounds extremely odd because I hear many older kiddos that can't even say the "v" sounds like a "b" still....But I'm serious---she said her name. Go figure! won't happen again for a while! ha
I've tried a lot already and no was cool when it happened! Very unexpected and exciting! She is just such a joy and everyday is a new adventure! I love it!!

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