Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NIght time Trick

Well, tonight when daddy put that sweet angel down for sleep...she played around in her crib a few minutes and then all of a sudden I started hearing a loud heartbeat----very confused....I"m looking at her on the monitor and she appears I'm trying to figure out what I'm hearing! Finally I realize that she has her heartbeat bear----has picked it up---and TURNED IT ON HERSELF---and it is beating LOUD!!!! It has been about 10 minutes now and I'm watching her right now...the bear is still beating loudly and she's just holding onto it. She is "talking" to it and just laying's really one of the sweetest things! (Poor thing has the hiccups though...) I want to go in there and turn the volume down...but we know I can't do that!! So I guess I'll block it out, hope she falls asleep, and then go turn the volume down. She sure is a smart girl---turning that thing on is not that easy!! I guess those Kindermusik classes are paying off after all! ha

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