Friday, October 2, 2009

1st TOOTH!

Ava Claire got her first tooth is sharp! I am charging the camera battery right now (still dead from the zoo!) and I'll get a pic of her tooth tomorrow. I haven't put pics on in a while...I'm sorry! I'll take some tomorrow and get them on there- I promise! (good news---I was able to make pics from the videos I took at the we WILL have zoo pics tomorrow too!! yay!)

We still haven't decided what AC will be for I'm going to need your help on that too. We are going to try on all of her (six!!) costumes tomorrow and post pictures so you can vote on which one she should wear! Her choices are: ballerina, ladybug, pumpkin, clown, cheerleader, or chick. (The chick is way too small and way too hot for Alabama it's a no!) Anyway...I'll post pics tomorrow and you can help us decide. Probably will be a ladybug because I have a ladybug costume we can match!!!! hahahaha Daddy will LOVE that! Maybe we can get daddy to be a bug too???! Doubt it....

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