Saturday, October 24, 2009

What a day!!

Well, AC and I decided to go Christmas shopping today while daddy and Uncle Michael are at the AL/UT we set off and went to Home soon as we get in-- I start to put AC in the buggy and boom--she starts crying. So I'm like ok...I'll hold you this is fine. Twenty minutes later, my arm is numb, I'm sweating, and wondering why my back is starting to hurt. Sooooo, we leave!

We head to Target (I'm thinking it can't get any why not???!) So here we go....get in the door (with AC, the diaper bag, shopping cart cover, and AC's much loved ladybug). Get the shopping cart cover on (one-handed) and get her in it...start to strap her in and boom--she starts crying. I'm like "too bad! you have to learn that you can't always get your way....I'm going to be real 'tough'". Meanwhile, I look up and there is one of my kiddos from my class and her mom. Soooo I HAVE to pick up AC so they don't think she's just horrible. (So AC gets her way again). So we talk to them and AC calms down. At this point, I've given up on putting her in....I'm just going to hold her. So we proceed to the toys (Christmas shopping for Blake)....AC was pretty good to start with....then boom---she throws a fit! When I say fit...I'm serious! She has done it 2 times now---she arches her back and just goes's crazy!!!!!!!!! At this point, I'm like "we've gotta just get outta here!" So we head to the check-out....there is actually a line open with NOBODY in this point I'm thinking "whew! this is getting better! it can't get much worse" here we go! We pay and stop at Pizza Hut (inside the Target because I'm starving---we grab a pizza to go--AC's being fine). I put the pizza in the buggy, get my cup and fill it with coke, and place it in the SPILLS a little bit on AC's shopping cart cover. OK that's fine. So I pick it up. (Stop and visualize this----I"m holding AC on my right hip---coke in my left hand---and pushing the buggy with what I guess you would call my tummy/bottom of the coke cup). Sweat is pouring off of me from the stress and the coat I'm wearing. we're going...we are almost to the car. When I notice that somehow, someway, AC has got the lid to pop off the cup and is sticking her hand in the coke then putting it in her mouth. At this point I just start laughing....just couldn't of course, anytime I laugh like that AC joins me because she thinks something must be funny here we are walking out laughing soooo hard together! All I could think better be glad I love her! hahaha

We made it to the car.....FINALLY found the keys...and came home! I learned two things today:
Christmas shopping will only take place when daddy can watch AC.
How in the world could I even think about adding another kiddo to this mess?!!! ha

So we made it home....AC went straight to sleep (the trip exhausted her too!) and she has just now woken I'm off to get her up!

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