Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trip to Tennessee

Our trip to Tennessee was great!! It started off amazing...we left here at 5 and put in Elmo for AC to watch...she watched THE SAME video 3 times in a row (she was loving it and mommy and daddy were about to go crazy hearing Elmo over and over...yet another sacrifice for this little angel!) At about 8 o'clock she started rubbing her eyes, we gave her a bottle, and she fell asleep! Wow! We're thinking "man, she really is the perfect baby...this trip is a breeze....we can go on more trips....who said traveling with a baby was hard?!!....not Ava Claire....she's doing great!" BOOM----EYES WIDE OPEN! I pretend to not see her and "look away" (like when you don't want to be called on in class). Well, that didn't work. She started crying....so I gave her a bottle...that didn't work. So, we turned back on Elmo and boom....smiling and laughing (at 9:30 at night). OK she hasn't been up that late since she was a newborn.

Anyway, we go with it (because we are in a car and don't really have much of a choice). So around 11 pm we get to TN and AC is still AWAKE! We go inside...and she is STILL AWAKE. She plays and "shows off" for Matt's parents and then we finally try to put her to sleep. I'm not even going to talk about that night of sleep because I try and block it out--let's just say I didn't get much sleep at all...and AC didn't really either.

So you can imagine how worried I am that she is going to have her nights and days mixed up...we were lucky enough to not have to go through that when she was a baby...so I'm really worried!

However, the next morning, she woke up happy and did fine all day! She was back to perfect baby Ava.

So we headed to Mom's house and I was so worried that she would be scared when she saw mom (and I knew that would hurt Ma-maw's feelings)....but little AC leaped for her Mamaw as soon as she saw her!!

The anniversary party went great (and mom only figured it out about 30 minutes before--which with our family is great!!!) I totally expected someone else to blurt it out wayyyyy before then! So that was great! The party was good and it was great to see everybody.

We had a really good time and have some good pics....but it's late and I want some rest--I'm still not rested from the trip! It was great...but we probably won't be doing it for a while...it's just too exhausting with AC right now.

Last thing, and then I promise to hush. I really think AC enjoyed playing with her cousin Blake (2 and a half). She would just watch him and then try and do what he was doing. It really was fun to watch. My favorite thing they did (and my camera battery was dead- of course!) But I've got the picture in my head and I can just see them there.....they both were at Mamaw's end cabinet where she keeps her spices and "junk"--mostly little bottles of stuff.....and they were both on their hands and knees with their little booty's in the air just a messin as hard as they could. They were picking up bottles, putting them in their mouth, messing with the measuring cups and lots of things. And Blake (messing as fast as he could!) would look at AC and say "No Ava, no mess!" It was priceless!!! And of course AC would just laugh!

toooo cute!

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