Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Day!

Ava Claire's First Halloween!

Pumpkin Girl Going to Breakfast!

Helping Sort the Halloween Candy!

Hanging with Daddy!

Little Halloween Cat

I want to eat this Kit-Kat sooooo bad!

Two Little Ladybugs!

Tired Ladybug!

AC's friend Harper and her mommy Ginger

Playing with my friends....can you tell who they are????!
(Hint: Hayes is the chunky monkey and Harper is the cutest cow ever!)

Still playing with my friends....Lilly came to join us---she was such a cute bee!!


We had such a fun day!!! Ac really enjoyed her 1st Halloween even though she didn't actually go trick-or-treating. She had some friends over to play and then other friends would pop in and visit when they came to our house was fun!! Ava Claire had a really good time playing with Jake and Sam too---she would just watch them and play (Jake is 3rd grade and Sam is pre-k). They played together really was too cute! We are amazed at AC (yet once again)....she usually always go to bed around 7....but tonight it was almost 9 before she got in the bed and she wasn't even cranky!!! go Ava! We have sooooooooo many new things to post about! You are going to be amazed soon.....

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  1. I love the costumes ! Mamaws' ladybugs are the cutest ever !