Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kindermusik fun!!

Well, last night was AC's first night of Kindermusik.....and I think she flunked! ha Just kidding...she really seemed to enjoy it! She got to play with shakers, scarves, and a new ball. She was too funny. She just wanted to crawl all over the place and dump out the baskets of toys! Needless to say, this is a common thing for her! She is messy....but we like to think it is making her smart because she is "exploring!" She's a little explorer for sure!

She seems to be feeling a lot better....but now her daddy is kind of sick. He wouldn't go to the doctor (of course!) we are HOPING it's not H1N1. There are many kiddos in my school that have I am realllly trying to not bring the germs home! I'm even changing clothes before I pick up AC everyday! Hopefully, we can keep the germs away!

Nothing else new with her really.....she's just cruising around everywhere! We've started calling her Spiderman because she's constantly like having her hands on the wall and shimmy-ing down it. She looks so funny! We'll give ya some new videos/pics this weekend! :)

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