Thursday, September 10, 2009

AC update

Hey guys!! Thanks for all the emails about AC and how she is doing....the answer is---GREAT! I ended up taking her to the doctor today (just to be sure!) and she is fine! She tested negative for both flu and strep. So, needless to say....she just wanted mommy to play hooky! It worked....

She's back to her normal self now! (finally!) We just got back from a wagon ride to the bakery and she had a great time! I think she only dropped her shakers like 16 times! haha Which is not many for her! (Papaw knows all about that!)

She starts music class Tuesday and is sooo excited! She will be going to Kindermusik because it is supposed to make her smart! (I know- she's already a genius, but what does it hurt!!?) I really think she will enjoy it- she loves music and making noise....I'll let ya know how it goes! :)

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